2 bed, Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford (-550, -19%)



€2,600 Oct 08

€2,850 Jul 18

€2,950 Jul 16



Now 2400


I think all 2 beds, no matter where they are, eventually fall to 2400pm at max. You need 4 people to make a 2 bed at this price economic and 600pm is the max people will pay to share a room. The folks that I work (in IT) with will pay a max of 800 to share a house with their own room and 1000 to have a one bed to themselves (12-1400 if they are sharing with their partner). The economics of this are not changing and won’t change until peoples wages increase. People leave the country (or don’t come here) rather than pay more than this - it’s beginning to bite I think and you can see it in the rental market. The 3 grand stuff down the docks is still sitting there apart from a scattering of corporate lets (and I suspect they’re not paying the headline price). Waiting for the dark evenings to go down and see how many lights are on in Capital Dock.


Re capital dock…I reckon at best it is 1/3 occupied from what I have seen (unless many of these are not available to let yet).


2 Bed @ 2150

Haven’t seen a 2 bed here this low for a long time.


Well one now available in BSQ for less than 2k…1900