2 bed, Belfield Court (-200, -20%)


There is a 1-bed for sale in this complex at €175,000:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/268432

If the 2-bed is asking €800, the 1-bed couldn’t ask for more than €600…which is getting very close to the single rent supplement. For South County if you don’t mind. The mind boggles. And at €150k the 1 bed for sale gives a 4.4% yield at that rent level. €100k would give you 6.6%

Also, here’s a laugh. Check out what a Google search for “Belfield Court, Dublin” throws up…

city-data.com/franklin-count … urt-1.html

There’s more transparent information on that single page than there is on the entire housing stock in the entirety of Ireland. Scary.