2 bed, Bloomfield Park, Donnybrook (-400, -18.2%)

First one I have seen in this development at this price for quite a while. I’m sure some renters in there may want to take note if their lease is up for renewal in the near future

Saw a number of 2 beds in the 1850-1950 range on Daft during March. Great location, but awfully small inside.

Last year 2 beds here were around 2100pm. Judging by Property Bee, prices have yet to settle.




Another 2 bed just came on the market for 1800


First one to drop below € 1,800 to € 1,750. I’ve been following this complex since the begining :blush:


These drops will put a lot of pressure on places further out asking the same prices.

Was thinking the same thing. Hard to justify ~1700+ for a 2 bed in Blackrock, Stillorgan or Dundrum when you can pay the same for one in Donnybrook. I would expect newer 2 beds in Ballsbridge to reach similar levels over the summer.

Here is another to come on at 1750 in that development. It looks like they can see the writing on the wall and have dropped twice in two weeks. The last one is now gone so it would seem that other two beds will have to drop to this level to be let.


Over two months later, this 2 bed is now to let at €1700


€1700 pm = €20,400 pa.

€20,400 / 5.25% (current rates, give or take) = €388,571.
So thats its value based purely upon rent.

And €1700 pm may still be too much.
We will only know after its rented out.

Puts it all in perspective.

[edit : note that my figures do not include periods of vacancy and hence are on the optimistic side, which is ironic given its current position]

When you consider those figures, and then you consider what investors trying to make a quick exit are hoping to achieve, then it really does put it in perspective.


Two bed for €1600 here: www.daft.ie/2665249

And its even got petals on the bed.

there was one for 1500 - now let :cry:

Daft.ie currently has four 2-beds in Bloomfield Park:

1500, 1575, 1575, 1600

And two 1-beds at:

1250, 1700

Now its 7 two-beds available at:

1550, 1600, 5 x 1650

and two one-beds at:

1300, 1350

Amazingly, with the increase in supply comes an increase in asking prices. The only rational explanation for this that I can see is that the difference between asking price and achieved price is increasing - i.e. previously discount was 10% but now its 20%.

Colleges are back so demand is up in the short term.

Not a drop per se but I think this is the first 2 bed here to drop to the 1400 mark


locked, feel free to get in touch with a moderator if it becomes a drop/increase