2 bed, Carlingford Parade, Dublin 2 (-300, -13%)

€2,000 Apr 20

€2,100 Apr 17

€2,200 Apr 14

€2,300 Apr 07


Significant number of 2 bed beds coming onstream for 2k and lower now.

Also some 3 beds a bit further out.

Id guess that much of the newly built student accomodation will be left empty come September due to an absence of international students for the coming academic term.

Not a bad time to be looking to rent

This is going to be a major issue for the student places going forward if rents trend to be under 2K for a decent 2 bed. Those student places charge over 1K a month a room so while they might have been attractive when a good 2 bed was ~2.5k now they won’t be.

Ultimately I think the gov will take over many of these student places

But it won’t be a bailout it wiil be a shared equity scheme or some other bs name :man_facepalming: