2 bed, Eglinton Court, Donnybrook (-200, -15%)


At the risk of giving landlord a heart attack, I let an identical one of these just a few months ago for more than €1,100.

How much would they have rented for 18 months ago?

What is your experience of rent inflation over the last 18 months?

Plus there is strong competition from Erigal house. Those 20 nice shiny newly renovated flats in the same development. This flat after all is a little tired.

:slight_smile: anyway I have a good strong heart.

One has appeared now at 1k…


There are 114 2 Bed properties for rent in D4

The distribution of rents are as follows
Rent < 5000; 114
Rent < 2000; 92
Rent < 1800; 86
Rent < 1600; 65
Rent < 1400; 41
Rent < 1200; 14
Rent < 1100; 12
Rent < 1000; 5

IMO this apartment will let quickly as it is one of the cheapest 2 beds in D4.


Given the relative quality of the apartment it is either a lazy agent or they are trying for a bidding war between tenants.

I will be surprised if it is not let next week.

I agree that this is probably the best value 2 bed in D4 given it is a relatively spacious apt in a superb location. Given that the ad for the 1100 one above was renewed yesterday it might indicate that places are not shifting as quickly as before (maybe Mr A could comment?). It may be too early to call but from what I can see the a ceiling on prices may have hit in the recent month or so…the next few months will be interesting either way…


I was surprised that last month’s CSO figures did not show a fall in rents given falls in ECB rates (rent usually track interest rates) and rent allowance.