€2 billion portfolio on market for €140 million


Right, so the currently respectable returns on Irish commercial property investment are supported by:

(a) a flaky revenue stream at risk when the lease expires or the rent kills the tenant
(b) capital appreciation supported by a robust revenue stream
© worthless insurance policies


ehhh and whatabout the CDS of : Hutchinson 3G Ireland Ltd - not sure the parent co is the appropriate CDS


However the parental guarantee will kick in :slight_smile:


If the goverment wasn’t blowing 12 billion a year, it might have been able to afford to buy these outright for €140 million and enjoy a 10 year pay back period.

But no, i’m applying business logic to an insane deficit spend, and ramp up the taxpayer liabilities while some entreprenhoors, probably from abroad avails of the sweet deal.

With the political vacumm the way it is, we need a taxpayers voice.


Thought tenant was Hutch UK.
Anyway the point of the CDS is to get some idea of health of parent – and cost of insuring exposure.

Frankly, as I said, the sums don’t add up unless there’s strong capital appreciation.