2 decourcy square

Attended this viewing yesterday and while it was not as crazy as 4 Everton Ave the previous week, there was a lot of interest. What do people think of the asking price €375.000 for 965 sg ft. With a Ber rating of E1. Older couple looking to trade down.

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According to the PPR, it sold for €175,000 on 2011-12-22

I can’t find a current link… What EA is it with?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2743988

Thanks - it’s a spelling issue - De Courcy versus De Courcey, though Google favours the former.

I was at the viewing as well. It’s a nice house. Didn’t see it pre-refurb but they’ve done a nice job. Not overly keen on the layout downstairs with the kitchen>dining room>utility room flow. Shame as well that the original brickwork has been covered over. Have no doubt at all that it’ll make above the asking anyway.

This one is gone sale agreed (probably a week ago at this stage). Very short time “for sale” AFAICS.

Yeah, I believe it finished up around the 400k mark. It was all pretty quick alright. I see Wigan Road also went sale agreed in a similar time period. Shows how keen demand is I suppose…