2 Dunstaffnage Hall, Stillorgan -130K

Was €820,000

Now asking 690,000

EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

Just to note that the first price dates from October 12 2006. So no interest at original AP in at least 5 months.

And this is a huge drop. 16% by my calcualtion.

You can rent a double room in one of the apartments, that are also around 80sq. metres, for E650. So that would make the rent about E1200-1400, depending on who has the best room.

How about the mortgage repayments on this reduced price of E625000
Monthly Repayment: €3,256.88
Interest Only: €2,469.24

Term in Years: 30
Monthly Interest Relief: €85 (Estimate)

It sold.

Yet another example of why I can’t see a major price crash on our hands - there are just too many people with cold hard cash who just want a home, and are not overly concerned with the direction of the market - sure, it’d be nice to buy-at-the-bottom, but if it’s a home for your wife/husband/children you are looking for, then location is more important.

I’d qualify that crashandburn but agree with your overall analysis.

No major crash in Dublin, previously regarded commuter counties will fare badly for a time.

Interesting comments from 2007.

Five years later, number 10 asking prices is 495k.


Still overpriced in my pinion compared with other better estates in the area.