2 houses, same agent--help on making offer

I’m interested in putting in offers on two houses. I’m planning to offer 26% below asking price on house #1 and 20% below asking price on house #2. My question relates to the fact that the same EA is dealing with both. Is there any advantage to telling her to approach both sellers with the offer and first one to contract wins, or should we just offer on house #1 and then, if refused, house #2?

You prefer one over the other?

Olympia, I hope the amounts you are offering make sense in their own right and not merely by reference to how far below asking they are.

They make sense to us. No preference on either house; they’re within 500 meters of each other. They’re priced 55k apart though. Just wondering if there is any angle because they have the same EA.

Bid what you think is the right price on each and bejeebers dont tell the ea what your limit is :slight_smile:

Hi Olympia,
My wife and I sold our house in March 2007. At the time the EA told us that the (proposed) purchaser had submitted bids for 3 different houses and was happy to take the first that accepted. She also told us that she was starting to see this as a trend in several transactions. We responded and after a small bit of haggling sold the house for 5k over asking (I know it was a different time…) at least one of the other sellers tried to hold out for an extra 5k was still trying to sell their house 2 years later (seems to be rented now). I thought that it was an interesting tactic and if you are in a situation to move quickly this approach would definitely help to focus minds of the sellers.

I would second the advice of other posters to decide (your) price for each house on it’s own merits and your financial limit is your business, not the EA’s. Good luck!