2 Leeson Village, Donnybrook (-400k, -27%)






Coming up on 2 years later and now asking 1.195m…they might require a bigger drop to get interest going


They overpriced initially but going below €1.2M. might do the trick now.

The market is rising to meet their price. It’s a great location and a mature, upmarket development. 170 sq. m. with a decent bit of garden. €7k. per sq.m. is not out of line with the area. The double garage might clinch it.


Yes you would have to think it should now go close to that figure.


Well it didn’t seemingly!!!..now 1.125m


Might not be a bad pp sq/m for the area, but the house really is fantastically ugly!


I’m surprised this hasn’t sold and I think this may be a final drop to reflect a current offer.

When Leeson Village was built in 1980s, it was the height of urban sophistication in Dublin. But who wants to live n the 1980 if you have to pay 21st. Century prices?

Is the streetlamp in the first photo weirdly stunted or is that a trick of perspective?

Take yer eye out, that would!


Bit of an awkward layout no ? Absolute pain being two flights of stairs away from one of your kids.


I keep an eye on the count of properties on MH in certain ranges/localities. There has been quite a substantial increase in the D4/6 area in the 900k-1.25m range over the past few months. I think that is what is causing this. If you had 1.2m to splash you can probably do better than this place.


Would be interested to know of this is covid related with being closer to work less of a pull factor in making decisions on where to live.

I live by the sea and have some friends buying in the bracket you mentioned above. Info from them is that anything walking distance to the sea is very well bid.


I know of someone in that bracket (and in these areas) who is selling up and moving to the sticks. They hope to bag about 500k as a result. For them it is a no brainer as they always wanted to leave Dublin once their working life was coming to an end. Covid-era has now enabled them to do this many years earlier. There are probably a number of factors at play as to why this bracket is seeing a big increase in supply and lower ranges (from my searches) are not seeing the same uplift in supply. I think also there are a number of new builds coming on in the D4/6 areas and for obvious reasons they are in the higher bracket. All in all I am seeing almost a 100% increase in 4/5 months.


Now 1.1m


Now SA


COVID has changed buyers preferences and proximity to the City centre is not as important now as say a kid-friendly garden. Still, prices for prime south city locations have held up and I think this is a bargain compared e.g. to this which went for €1.45 M recently.


Sold for €1.05M. I overestimated this place by >10%. Or the market is blind.

€50K will refresh this property thoroughly and someone will have very liveable house in one of the best parts of the city centre for less than people are paying for banal houses of similar size in the suburbs.



Agree - cheap house