2, Mount Venus Cottages, Killakee Road, Rathfarnham (+200k)

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This guy reads the Indo. :laughing:

easily accessed via Stocking lane

Not so easily accessed if those apartments ever sell.

Its gone up again!
Excess €800,000

He must have read this rubbish (check out the comments).
independent.ie/template/ver1 … filter.jsp

Perhaps people are bidding it up. I know that is not very frequent in 2008 but it is 5 acres and it’s not impossible that there is more than 1 wannabe property developer who believes there has never been a better time to buy and this is a great bargain. Whether any bank will lend to whoever goes sale agreed is another matter.

my property bee has it at 650,000 in the beginning so this must be some fairly consistent rising of the price.

Obviously that’s the case. Sale agreed at 800k.