2 Moyola Mews, Lower, Churchtown (-155k, -23.8%)

Was 650k, 590k

Now 495k

Sold for £265k / €336k in 2000
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … 154038.asp

If it sells for 495k, that’s a 47% increase over 9 years, roughly 5% appreciation a year, barely keeping ahead of general inflation. So almost back at 2000 price in real terms.

How does one search that archive for a specific property ?
On archives.tcm.ie I’ve tried various combinations of “Moyola Mews” (with double quotes etc) of that address. Usually it returns 500 hits.

BTW thepropertypin is a fantastic website, some great insights.

I just searched Google for:

“2 Moyola Mews”

(in quotes, so that it is searched for as a phrase)

If you want to search that site only, try

“2 Moyola Mews” site:archives.tcm.ie

A lot of sites own search engines are poor, so I use Google quite a lot instead (assuming that Google has indexed all the pages on that site, which it might not have yet if it’s a new page)

assuming 750 sq foot and that’s being generous, have a look ! ]

€660/sq foot , no BER

Cheers for that.
Regarding this specific property at > 7K / m2 that is robbery.

I am familiar with the property scene in Sweden.
500K gets you a villa in Stockholm beside a lake

I believe Irish property is heading inexorably back to continental European norms.

Sold for 330 in 2016
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-190346/