2 Primrose Avenue, Esker Hills, Portlaoise,-53k (-23.2%)

Was 228k
Satellite dish removed, general clutter tidied up, change of EA.

Now 175k

In which case it would be a 70k drop 28%.

wow! and WHAT a satellite dish. Has to scoop the annual ‘laziest installation’ prize.

This is the same development that I keep on getting Full-Colour flyers for on a regular basis; & I’m living in Dublin !

It’s a high density estate with very little parking, the landscape there is littered with for sale signs. The developers Owenass developments are also responsible for “Bellingham” -Portlaoises’ only true ghost estate -with all houses structurally complete, but no occupancy. I passed by the other day -it really is spooky. I’m surprised they have the resources to keep the fliers coming!