2 Rathdown Drive, D6W. What to offer!

Hi Guys,

What do you think of this one, a lot of potential definately needs modernisation new windows etc not just cosmetic.
Was originally priced at 2.25mil and has been on the market a very long time.

What to do you guys think it’s bottom line is and long until we get there!!

Thanking You in advance

myhome.ie/residential/search … JMNQ368752

Can someone help me with the link please.

thepropertypin… The place where people looking at €2 million gaffs come to ask FTBs what they think of prices…


EDIT: €1.75m and a couple of palm trees… Pay the full ask my good woman…

Not Helpful!

Hard to tell with this type of property.

Nice looking house in good area and beautiful grounds. I think if they were to accept €1m within the next 12 months it would sell. After that it probably won’t shift for a price they’ll be willing to settle for.

Prime real estate like this will never fall,
on its architectural merit alone, those arches are classically proportioned, it should be snapped up at any cost,
Bel Air baby were going to Bel air…

OK If you want to be serious about this its a decent 5 bed house in a reasonable area. The kind of people who would think about buying this would probably be a high earning couple in the ‘middling’ technical professions - IT, BioTech, Pharma etc (not a posh enough area for doctors, lawyers etc) - although the arches would put a lot of these kind of people off (including me) it looks like a solid decently built house. So it might attract a couple with a joint earning capacity of around 200k. On the standard multiple of 3.5 that makes 700k. As I’ve said before anybody trading up is not coming to the table with equity these days so they will need a chunk of cash at a 700k mortgage and assuming you could get 90% mortgage that means you need about 80k cash. Thats a small market. A returning emigree (and I doubt there’s many of them) with a chunk of change would be the target for this. Perhaps somebody who sold and rented (and I think there’s very few of them). So not a lot of competition at the 800k price I would guess. I would suggest nearer to 600k is the likely price. The sticky prices thing is still amazing me but looking at Ranelagh the prices appear to be coming down from the highs at about 10% every 3 months so I would guess you will see this kind of thing at an asking price of 800k by early next year and the factors above will determine what you can actually buy it for.

I think metalmike’s post sums up my opinion on the value of this house. But I’d like to add that while I know taste is subjective, that house is bloody awful looking. I think that it’s the sort of place Boycie and Marlene from Only Fools and Horses would live in, especially with a name like Bel Air and the stupid palm trees. While I like the area I wouldn’t want to own that house as I know my friends and relatives would laugh at it.

I think this place has to drop in price e.g. didnt some place on Ailsbury drop from excess 2 mill to 1.95mil and will probably drop further. They,re asking silliy money, also there is a lace on Brighton road which has dropped considerably as well and its probably nearby being D6.

You’re thinking of paying close to €2 million for a house, but you’re still willing to lash out even more cash to get it modernised?

I once advertised a car on carzone.ie but added an extra zero to the asking price once. When I knocked off the zero, any discerning buyer would now be saving themselves a whopping 90% on the purchase price! :smiley:

Well, we know it’s certainly worth nowhere near €1.77m, otherwise a canny would have had it snapped up at this stage! At very least, you’d want to half the existing asking price.

Anyone calling their house Bel Air and living in Terenure is delusional and is probably delusional about the value of their house. T’nure and particularly the Rathdown belt always suffered from the belief that they were Rathgar or Dartry and particularly when the prices were going up these house were very sky rockety. I say this house has a long way to fall before it hits earth.

And here’s the thing you can buy and actual home in Bel Air for less.




Even bearing in mind that the California property bubble is itself still overinflated!

And with the big mirror hanging tackily over the double bed in this one, it and the Terenure house could almost have been decorated by the same person. :smiling_imp:

Non now folks, taste is subjective and lets remember it is someboy’s home we’re talking about here…

Further proof of the Rathdown delusion. There must be something in the water up there.

myhome.ie/search/property.asp?id=JIBJC390683 -

That’s €10,000+ per sqm… :angry:



Do people on this forum ever consider that vendors use google too?

Whaddya mean? That they too can use google and discover what is happening in the real world outside of the bubble they are living in and that they’ll never sell their houses at the mental prices they’re currently asking? Yes that’s a good point.

Maybe Google would do them a favour and send them all here for a reality check. :open_mouth:

I know when I was selling my house last year that while I might have found criticism of my house hard to hear I would have been smart enough to know that if it wasn’t selling I needed to know why. If I’d found my house being discussed on a thread like this I would be initially quite angry but I’d also take on board what was being said. In fact in the UK it’s fairly common for vendors who are having trouble selling to post a link to their house on sites like moneysavingexpert and ask for an honest assessment from other posters.

But I also think, that as far as one of those houses in real Bel Air goes, a huge mirror hanging diagonally over a bed says “I get a kick out of watching myself shagging” and, to be fair, most people do. But leaving the mirror there while you are inviting people to inspect your house with a view to making it their home, makes those viewers think about other people shagging narcissistically in their potential new bedroom. This will make them feel squeamish and they won’t want your house. So if those house owners have found this thread; Move your mirror!

390k no more no less for there

Actually its a real stretch to call either of these houses in Bel Air. The first is almost on the right side of the ridge but still not what the locals would consider Bel Air. If you are not on the south side (Beverly Hills side) of the ridge you are a nobody, daarhling…

The second house is basically Valley, wrong side of the mountain ridge. If I remember correctly the off ramp on the San Diego Freeway beside it has a gas station I’ve used a few times.

A zip code does not a location make. Its a bit like all those properties between Swords and Malahide that claim a Malahide address but are to the west of Estuary Road so its still Swords. EA’s are the same the world over when it comes to non-euclidean geography.

The house in Terenure is more Inland Empire than Bel Air . Even then its MacMansion pretensions are somewhat lacking in confidence. Not even a pool or jaccussi, for gawds sake…

I was referring to the discussion of strategy that appears on some threads. As if the vendor or estate agent isn’t going to read it. Someone should invent a forehead slapping emoticon.