2 Rathdown Park, Terenure (-700k, -44%)

Was 1,600,000


Now 1,300,000


€1,299,950 …

Is that a drop of 50 bucks or did u just not bother typing the precise amount ?? :confused:

I’ll be more careful in future.

I’ll throw in the extra 50 for anyone who buys

Funnily enough it was actually an increase of €50 :slight_smile:

Now 999,950


37.5% drop less than two months, I don’t need to tell you who the estate agent is.

Wonder what the next move for this one will be - up or down in price??

Property went sale agreed about 6 weeks ago.

But back on market today at same price €999,950


Will have to see how it goes from here, possibly pre budget nerves.

Another sale and return!

I wonder how much they will drop it to get people back in the door again??

I would imagine it’ll have to drop another 20% to drum up a bit of interest again looking at what has been happening in the last 2 months since it went sale agreed, and perhaps the vendors should consider themselves lucky if they get an offer in the region of 700k.

No no no grasshoper :unamused:

I pass this place on the daily commute and was wondering when this would start.

See above for clue by VB on this sold/increase/decrease/sold/decrease/increase bullshit

Gone sale agreed for 2nd time.

Source: myhome recent sales 14/4/09

Back again. Now €899,950:

No photos from inside the house. Ominous.

Someone suggested that these were the recent buyers:


I guess they reconsidered given the amount of work or the state of the market?

this still has a sold sign on the house.

Sale Agreed!

History from Property Bee: