2 Rathvale Park, Ayrfield (-75k, -16.7%)

Was 450k then 435k


Now 410k


Apologies if this isn’t North Dublin

Quick tip. All north dublin postal codes are odd numbers and south are even.

Ah, thanks. I guess if I’d clicked on the link I would have noticed that.

Except for Dublin 8.

Now 395k

No front garden, no back garden (just a few stones thrown about to take the bad look off it) as owner did a bit of building on to the house hes selling i.e. built two apartments or townhouses and infringed on the original front and back garden. Has these properies rented out or at least one of them to some people who attract boy racers to their front door. So the occassional loud thump thump thump at 11.30 am on a friday morning of music and reving engines (I wonder if the EA says that when viewing).

I know because I drive past it nearly every day at different times, he also owns a garage behind this property and someone mentioned he has planning permission to build something else like a house or bungalow which should do wonder for privacy in your back garden (if someone buys it) not to mention possibly make it dark by restricting the light.

I understand there’s an old Smurfit warehouse right behind that house that’s prime development land. Expect flats glaring in on you in 5 years’ time!

That said, Ayrfield is now a maturing area (the unruly kids/teenagers/horses etc.) have long since left – I’d sooner live in Ayrfield alongside some respectable and aging people than live in Clonsilla commuter hell-hole or some madey-up place far from the city. There are decent schools around Ayrfield and lots of open spaces.

Now 375k