2 Roseville, Lower Road, Shankill (-220k, -31.7%)

Was 695k, 650k

Now 599k
1,911 Sq. Feet, €313/sq foot

now €475k (-220k, -31.7%)


As usual the EA hasn’t bothered to mark the right location on the map.

Here are the four houses in this development:
g.co/maps/vcya (seems to be 1-4 from top to bottom)
or during construction
bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=sw4yc7 … orm=LMLTCC

It looks like the middle houses have 2 parking spaces each, but the houses to the side only have one??

#1 is also for sale (detached, same size according to ads)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/350771
4 Bed Detached House, 178 m², 1915 sq feet
€255/sq foot

What’s Shankill like to live in? Seems to be handy for the DART, the sea and M50

No idea, but there are opinions at:
weddingsonline.ie/discussion … 04&start=0

Cheers mambo, suppose I cold have googled myself :slight_smile:

Sale Agreed: daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=598398

Sale fell through? now back on at €475K



As you exit shankhill village from Bray, you go over a bridge, this bridge is close to Roseville, is this an old river bed, and if so does it flood

No, that is the end of the old Harcourt Street line to Shanganagh Junction. (I also remember it was the point beyond which a taxi coming out of town could charge you anything they liked, but things may have improved since deregulation :unamused: ).

industrialheritageireland.in … ?album=490

Lived there and moved to get closer to town. No probs, but village small enough, didn’t really head to the pub there very often, and restaurants wouldn’t have been great. Plenty of stuff within short driving distance though. DL and Dalkey are close enough. Killiney Bay, Killiney Hill nearby. No sprogs, so not clued in re schools, etc.

Viewed this house, some observations :

Timber Frame Semi , without a block party wall, could be v noisy

Underfloor Heating, under tiles no prob,
but they have it under wooden floors and carpet (and underlay), these are insulators and will reduce the amount of heat from UFH , expect hi Eneregy costs

4 houses, sharing maintenance fees, whats happens if one or two houses cannot, do not pay

1 Roseville has also dropped in price - see viewtopic.php?f=23&t=47230

No Roseville in the PPR, sale of No. 2 presumably fell through.
yellowschedule.com/house_price_d … =roseville

No. 2 now for rent at €2200/month
property.ie/property-to-let/ … 8/1220245/
5.5% gross yield on 475k

2 Roseville back on the market at 455k
daft.ie/sales/2-roseville-lo … 8938/&ea=1
176 Sq. Metres (1,894 Sq. Feet)
€240/sq ft