2 Silchester Wood, Glenageary (-1050k, -47%)

Difficult to quantify this one.

Withdrawn at 1.95m in Oct 07 according to the Times

Then went up to 2.25m for private treaty sale
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Back down to 2.05m, still technically a 100k increase on the auction price.

Now €1.9m (-50k, -2%)


Now €1.2m - down €1.05m from the highest asking price (-46%)

myhome.ie/residential/search … OHKV333440

People are starting to really get the hang of this game.

This is a very significant drop, if true.

Firstly, it is leading the charge against its neighbour No. 6 which is priced at €1.695m and No. 6 is smaller at 2050sq ft (vs 2,700sq ft for this one).

Secondly, it makes an absolute mockery of some of the other asking prices out there. Case in point:

The house in question is €1.2m and is 2,700sq ft, 5 bed 3 bath in move-in condition.

Or you could spend €1.2m here on a 1,100sq ft, 3 bed 1 bath semi-d in need of refurbishment! If you use 2 Silchester Wood as a yardstick then the Mount Merrion house is worth half the asking price at a stretch.

The are a number of houses just around the corner (Silchester Park). Rather dire looking places in need of a lot of extention and modernisation and they were looking for up to €1.2m until this week.

wow, I worked it out on a calculator: (-1050k, -47%)

I think that’s a big drop.

So, does this now represent ‘good value’? Is this a desperate bid to sell at any price, and does anyone think this is a one-off? What are the chances of all the vendors at this level following suit? I will be watching with interest to see if this sells, and if so, will other vendors follow suit?

5% gross yield on €1.2m = €5,000 per month
4% gross yield on €1.2m = €4,000 per month
3% gross yield on €1.2m = €3,000 per month

Pick the point at which you reckon this place would rent out.

I reckon around 3.5%. Still looks overvalued.

Re Yield: Local rental examples:

Clarinda Pk, 5 bed, looking for 5k pm (Geckko, think this one is/was for sale c€1.5m?)

Seafront, 5 bed, 4.8k pm

Looks like this sold - can’t find it on daft or on HOK website.

Number 6 is still available - but for 300k more!


Back on the market, just dropped from 1.195m to 1.050m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3098466