2 St Brigid's Road, Drumcondra

I’ve recently started looking at houses on the northside of the city (yes, a converted southsider!! :stuck_out_tongue: )

And I came across this place and thanks to my Property Bee toolbar I can see that it had open viewings in September/October.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/2139053

Did any pinsters happen to have a look at it?

It seems pretty attractive from the point of view of price, location, garden, rear access, square footage…but typically there are only two photos of the interior.

Any ideas on how much you’d need to throw at it to get it looking like this? 100k?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -9/1828398

it went for 385K in June '12 and was discussed in relation to no. 18 Brigids road a while back (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=46557&p=636131&hilit=18+brigid#p636131)

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

The two are listing as having the same sq footage (the rear photo from 6 indicates that Nr. 2 has a full house width, 2 story extension to the rear as opposed to 6’s half width but somewhat deeper extension).

It’s hard to tell how well 6 has been done up. It’s got new slates on the roof and a kitchen and some paint and stuff. And presumably they done some insulating/renovation work on the way - perhaps (but perhaps not) moreso in the rear extension.

But without additional and significant square footage advantage, you’d be hard to spend a 100K on Nr 2 to turn it into Nr 6. Me? I’d take number 2 and the chance of choosing how to have it the way I want it. For somewhat less than 100k

Thanks York. Don’t know how I didn’t spot the square footages being the same. Had a look there on Google Earth and it seems no. 2 has an extended kitchen as well. I wonder if it’s a half-arsed job? Some photos would be helpful! I can see why EAs might hold back on photos, but what about even giving us some floor plans?!

Regarding how much it would cost to get it nicely finished; we would have to do it up bit by bit as we don’t have enough savings to spend 30/50k (60k??) on it straight away.

Not so sure how that would go down the my other half though. He’d happily spend 350k on this place lisney.com/Residential/18-St … lin-9.aspx and never do as much as paint a wall.

yet he’d balk at the idea of spending 230k on number 2 (v low ball offer, hehe) and do it up in stages.

is there parking at the end of the gardens

could ye put a two storey extension on them

Try the birds eye view option in Bing Maps and you’ll get a closer up view and a better angle

In that case my earlier remarks are doubly relevant. Get the fundamentals sorted first such as insulation / structural / dirty tasks and leave the final finishing til last. It’s a horror living with repeated dosings of dust and dirt, not to speak of the inevitable damage caused to finished parts of the house as a result of subsequent operations.

Perhaps get the front room and the master bedroom finished and furnished in the first wave so that you have an oasis from what could be a drawn out process. That said, 60K could make a fair dint in things if the basic house is soundly built and you shop around wisely.

Take the roof done at nmr 6. Just because it is done doesn’t mean it needed to be done. I’ve a 100 year old house and bar for the odd slate missing along our road, things are straight and true and ready for another 100 years. They very often built houses very well in the old days.

Then you’ve a bit of a problem because it helps no end that both of you be committed. The process of taking 3 to 4 years of ongoing house renovations can either be a very enjoyable process to do together or it can be a drag - depending on your outlook.

I can appreciate many folk wanting walk-in condition houses (meaning walk-in houses will, of course, attract a premium) but for me and mine, the benefits of a doer upper (value for money, the chance to make it the way we want it, the smaller mortgage and most of all, not having to pay for anothers very likely botched / insufficient / downright dangerous renovations) make it a no brainer.

Best of luck to both of you…

I viewed and already posted my thoughts here:


This house was Sale agreed when i spoke to agent recently…
A house in similar repair, a few doors up sold for 263K a few months ago, so ~30K seems the premium for end of terrace compared to mid-terrace.

thanks croquette and t0nyg.

Did a search for the property in the forum but it didn’t come up with the search results for some reason…

I’d say planning on that window would be granted as up of the upstairs rooms has a window in that gable end already.

Might give the agent a bell to see if it’s still sale agreed…

Did you manage to find out the current status?

Now sold at 290k, interestingly a house few doors up sold recently in similar state for 260k.

Either MIR buying fever or pricing are rising.

Lucky vendors to find somebody willing to pay that much :angry:

Don’t underestimate the possibility that they might be able to sell it in 12 months for €330k.

Indeed. They might also be deeply regretting their negative equity…

I’m with croquette. No MIR is going to have a huge impact on affordability. I reckon a house in that price range might see drops of between 8 - 10% in the next year…

We’ve decided to do another bit of sitting and waiting. We’ve been at it for long enough so at least another 6 months won’t kill us.

And that approach is what will keep prices dropping
(no criticism, just how it will play out if people in general take your, eminently sensible, approach)