2 Stirling Park, Orwell Road, Rathgar - buy or rent

Finished to a very high level by the looks of the pictures.

buy for an asking of 2.75M

rent for an asking of 4000/month

On those askings, yield is 1.75%

20 year multiple - 980K.

Back on asking 1.75m


-1m since 2010 asking.

I like it (except for those light fittings) but it’s huge money, Rathgar or not. Then again someone paid 1.8m for that Winton grove house out around enniskerry so who knows

Fwiw, this is in dublin 14, not 6 despite the era claims. It is probably a church town address.

I’d imagine the official address would be Rathgar, Dublin 14. That’s what the address of Green Park is anyway, and that is just across the road. As this area is a bit of a grey spot, some simply refer to it as Stirling Park, Orwell Road, Dublin 14. Most listings here would be referred to as Rathgar, Dublin 6, though.

I think the price is reasonable at the moment considering the scale of the home - it is a lot of square footage for €1.75m and I think they’ll get it or close.

1 Richview Park in Dartry has recently gone sale agreed. This is a similarly mamoth property, although in a better location and has an A3 rating (but at this level, the worry about electricity bills is not so much an issue). It was asking €2.5m at the time it went SA.

Let us not forget that someone paid €818k for the 1690sqft 29 Braemor Park, around the corner from here with a SE facing garden. Breamor Park is also practically a main road, whereas Stirling Park is very sedate. 29 needed a major overhaul at no doubt significant expense. With this, you’re getting the nice area and 5340 quality square feet that you can walk straight into for probably just 50% more money. It will appeal to a different (and wealthier) buyer than Braemor Park, but for the difference in price - the house is good value.

Neighbouring property (‘Colcronan’, 173 Orwell Road) available at €895k and while it has about the same site, the house isn’t comparable. Also you’re closer to a main road and the garden layout is strange.

1 Richview Park, Dartry sold €2,050k