2 Taney Crescent, Goatstown, Dublin 14

Anybody know how this auction went?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -14/354717

Looks like it didn’t sell. Now on myhome asking €600,000:


I guess nobody fully appreciated that it was ‘located on a large corner site of C. 800 sqm / 0.08 Hectares with obvious development potential (Subject to Planning Permission)’ :unamused:

somebody seriously bid E550K for that?
I thought we were starting to get somewhere, but that’s just nuts.
The site might be a decent size, but that doesn’t buy you any privacy whatsoever.
The upstairs is tiny, there isn’t even one ensuite, there’s only one bathroom in the house, and two of the bedrooms look like singles.
You could get a decent house out of the site, but you’d have to knock the house and start over, and you’d still have problems trying to get planning to give yourself some privacy to the front of the house.