2 TDs Suspended


Greens how are ya

ok is this needed for an orderly democracy or is it inherently undemocractic?

What does suspended mean for TDs? Kicked out for good or just today or what?

It’s a ban for a variable period of time.
so they can get a one day or a two day or ten day or until the suspended deputy retracts whatever they have done to deserve the suspension…

Dail votes on it.

In case people believe they have an inalienable right to freedom of speech in Ireland. You don’t.

Thus Irish “Democracy” is utterly worthless as it is not underpinned by total freedom of speech for all citizens.

The Vote maybe the earmark of a type of Democracy but the persistence of freedom to tell the truth is the mark of a societies quality and open mindedness.

so basically… if push came to shove… the only people able to say anything about anyone… are the TDs of the parties in government?

This got only mild coverage in the media, it was heavily censored .
I heard it on breaking news early in the day and got my cup of tea ready for 9 oclock news and vincent browne to see the gory details , but it was a no show, and then I got ready for Oireactas report expecting to see it but again didly sqaut.

And iff you search the web it got littel coverage.

I think this is a huge story …fair play to them for making some kid of a stand in the Dail

Are there transcripts available?

this is going around in an email, dont know how accurate it is

That’s from the tithe an oireachteas website, you can tell by the tell tale +

Which means the sentence wasn’t expanded, couldn’t be arsed checking it’s not a convincing forgery! :laughing:

I was really hoping that the thread title would continue like this:

…from a crane outside the Dail

damn you for raising my expectations

the email is verbatim and is available on page 17 and 18 on the link below

debates.oireachtas.ie/DDebate.as … de=H16#H16]()

I have looked through the debate and the thrust of it is that every time the ceann comhairle tries to move on to the charity bill or another question the opposition keep bringing up the pertinent issue. It was happening all morning and then again in the afternoon. it looks like shortall just gave the straw that broke the camels back but deputies from all opposition parties were piling in with serious accusations regarding the bail out, labour in particular having the bit between their teeth.

In order to have some semblance of order the ceann comhairle decides when something is finished with.

The accusation that he was protecting the finance minister is equivalent to swearing at a referee that he biased and being given a red card after refusing to accept a yellow

The links to the debates are brilliant and you can search by page on the bottom right.

Below are more extracts from just after where the email finishes

Apparently while the ceann comhailre was rowing with shorthall, Lenihan did a runner,

So essentially because Shortall didn’t take her yellow and leave to cool off he moved to suspend her which was then opposed.

below is another extract from the questions section where Joan burton and roisin shortall has a cut off the taoiseach earlier that morning. The subsequent suspension happened during the afternoon. A read through the pages indicate that there is actually a savage level of debate going on and that many of the accusations being leveled on the pin and elsewhere are also being made in the Dail.

In bold below I’ve highlighted a piece where Burton uses the great when did you stop beating your wife trick to get cowan to reject her assertion that he is unaware of his own incompetence… college debating stuff but very effective.

The government just keep asking them to shut up because such accusations are irresponsible
ie. stop tellin people how corrupt we are, you’ll banjax the country…

Major kudos to the online oireachteas team for getting this stuff up so fast…

great to see us doing something right. The availability of this stuff on tinterweb may make the dail debates relevant where we no longer have to rely upon the meedja to filter the best bits

I second this…

In fact the whole archive is very well done. Lots of very interesting (and very depressing) reading in the archives. The debates around FF’s multiple attempts at uber-gerrymandering back in the 1950’s and 1960’s is truly chilling. Pure Hugo Chavez.

I contacted the eDemocracy team about the video clips - and it turns out they get batched processed - so Tuesday’s session is online but Wednesday and Thursday haven’t been done yet. I’ll post a link when they have it up.

Another salute to the Oireachtas website - excellent work!

How come this is piston broke, IMO this is massive.

yeah I`ll move it to anglogate.

Remember the greens voted again with FF to have those tds ousted.
Gormley is on talking tough on the radio but his actions dont match his words I once held out hope for the greens with their anti corruption stance…

web.oirarcone.heanet.ie/asx.aspx … :11:34.000

Sense there’s something brewing. Could be an election is on the way. Only get away with so much ducking and diving before you take it on the chin. End of FF as we know it beckons. Good riddance. The day Haughey finally won out over O’Malley was the beginning of the end for them. Pity the country has to go down the toilet with them.


We are facing the worst crises’ since the foundation of the state.

That’s an interesting point. Who knows the Bunreacht well? Would the opposition have recourse to the Supreme court, orcan the Dáil majority do as it pleases.

Clever politics by Labour anyhow. It almost makes up for them not allowing any of their members under 45 stand for a winnable seat.

Sorry, I’ll believe that when I see it. Free thinkers, and any Irish man with any get up and go will be driven to the sea before they will. History has taught us.