20 Cannon Court, New Bride Street, Dublin 8

Hi all,

The below apt seems very nice. The only negative I can see is that it is north facing so will not get much natural light. Also, being 2nd floor, overlooking a quiet part of the park, the balcony access could be a security concern.

Does anybody know what the sound proofing in this block is like? From the pic, the brickwork could do with a cleaning.


I’ve been in these apartments, they’re quite nasty with lots of odd angles iirc.

Also the whole area is pretty rough, Ivey hostel around the corner etc.

Why is 2nd floor a concern? Ive heard of concerns for ground floor maybe.
No-one ever cites security concerns on any house yet they are all ground floor but they will cite security concerns on an 2nd floor apartment. If you ask me its not a concern at all, not over and above the general area

It’s in town though. It would always rent at spruce to students or young workers -it’s big for an apartment in Dublin which it great. Most section 23 s had size restrictions. I live not far from here - area is a bit doge but if the neibours take to you it’s not an issue - they mind their own.

Sale agreed

How are you tracking all the ‘Sale Agreed’ - are these places you are buying yourself? :wink: