20 Hawthorn Manor, Newtown Park, Blackrock (-140k, -22.4%)

Was €625k, now €485k:

Remember this one from before. I suspect there’s a maintenance charge involved somewhere.

However they lost me at “Low Maintenance Landscaped Rear Garden”.
What do people have against grass anymore?

I do like the Josef Fritzl celler, though. :slight_smile:

Now €449k:


Just looking again at that house - it’s very oddly laid out.

There’s a living/dining room AND a dining room (that also happens to have the stairs in it).

I’ve also only noticed that one of the three bedrooms is downstairs. I have two small kids and putting one of them on their own downstairs would never be an option. Have had to rule out a few houses recently because of this problem.

And there’s STILL no grass in the garden. :neutral_face:

The layour is very strange indeed - it’s obvious that they remodelled or extended the house. It looks like there may well be enough space to remodel again upstairs to get a third bedroom, and that kind of job could be donw pretty cheaply (20-30k at most?) but then again would you want to? The price still seems high given that sub-500 now seems to be the standard 3-bed-semi asking price in other comparable “not-quite-near-any-particular-suburban-centre” locations such as Mt Merrion.

A wine cellar? How many 3-bed semi-d’s have one of those? (This place is also a few minutes walk from two not bad pubs!)