20 Patrician Villas -25k

5-bed semi-detached house in Blackrock/Stillorgan. On the market since mid-May at 635k. Was dropped last week to 610k.

A little surprisingly sold for “region 600k”

ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 77193.html

Says region. The estate agent does not have to disclose price. They mentioned region 600,000. Now lets guess at what they got. I would say for a VI trying to pretend they are getting fantastic prices for anything they sell. Maybe 550,000. Is that in the region of 600,000. Who’s to say?
But I know one thing. If they got 610,000 they wouldn’t be saying region 600,000. :wink:

Region is a very flexible word these days :wink:

Do we know this?

Any EA’s or vendors or purchasers like to spill on what’s going on?

Spoke to an EA client or chartered surveyor as they like to call themselves the other day about this. His words " region would normally mean up to 10% below- above equals, obviously, in excess of"