20 Temple Cottages, Dublin 7 (-250k, -58%)

Was 420k then 400k


Now 365k


PropertyBee says this was previously 425k

27th May 2008

* Price changed: from '€400,000' to 'Region €365,000'

28 September 2007

* Price changed: from '€425,000' to '€400,000'

21 April 2007

* Initial entry found.


Now 300k
-125k, -29%



Now 175k -250k or 58.8%.

Not the worst out there, if a little small.

11/06/2010 €162,500.00 20 Temple Cottages, Broadstone, Dublin 7, Dublin

So -257.5k or a 61.3% drop from peak

14/07/2010 €177,000.00 17 Temple Cottages, Broadstone, Dublin 7, Dublin

This one:
10/11/2011 €170,000.00 1 Temple Cottages, Broadstone, Dublin

appears to be a flip and has recently gone sale agreed (not sure of the price):

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-7/359046

A fully done up one is asking what is probably an inflated price but, given the way the market is at the moment, will probably achieve (or exceed! who knows?) it’s asking:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2733496

Nice enough houses of the 2 up 2 down city centre kind, but there’s a fairly big and quite grubby block of flats behind it on Dominic Street, not a council estate but not a million miles from it (although if anyone wants a laugh: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -7/2688163 )

Note the public notice on the ad for the fire damaged flat :slight_smile: