20 Windsor Road, Rathmines, D6 (-€350k, -12.3%)


Was €2.85m

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 85186.html

Now €2.5m
myhome.ie/residential/search … VIXC372971

Bought in 2006 for €1.97m:

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y14695.asp


Now changed to ‘Price on Application’…



tribune.ie/property/article/ … e-for-25m/
“At a cool €2.5m, it also echoes that era of spiralling prices and easy credit.”
Reason for selling?
“now we have an opportunity to buy a detached house, which would be our third move, around the same area of Dublin 6 but which is greatly reduced in price”


also love the quote in that trib article

Well… if by quietly she means a feature in the Sunday Times property supplement and open viewing on at least 2 weekends… I will be expecting sky writing and a fireworks display now that it’s actually on the market :unamused:


Just under 2,000sq ft for just under €2m. Oh the heady days of €1,000 per sq ft for a decrepit bed sit!

As for their story about moving to a detached house in D6 which is “greatly reduced in price” they might as well be admitting that this house is greatly overpriced.


Taken off the market … ? No longer listed.


For Rent on daft.ie/21003049


How did they expect to get a price which was so much higher than even 2006 levels? Crazy people.


Sold for 1.3 Million. Long way down from 2.85 M. asking in 2009, and actual price of 1.95 M. in 2006 before it was gutted.

The upper-end of the market in Dublin is still well short of the 2006/2007 peak.



Did anyone actually see this one go on the market? €1.3m seems like a suspiciously low price for 2,800 sq ft on that road. Have been looking in that area for a few months and never saw this advertised anywhere. Wonder was it a related party sale.


Definitely wasn’t marketed publicly. Price seems completely wrong. Next door house (attached to this one) is not so large or recently refurb’d. Currently being marketed at 1.695m with an opening week offer of 1.545m rejected. Since then they have applied for rentention permission so I suspect they have an acceptable offer. no 20 should have attracted more.

@mchouse what price range are you looking at? Live locally to this house and might be willing to sell! 2750 sq ft.


Hi @marcusm! Agree with all of what you said.

Re our range, it depends on the house to be honest. Depends whether we view it as a “forever house” or a house for the next 5 years. Is there a way to private message on here and we could discuss further?



I didn’t see this advertised but 1.3 Million is the highest price achieved on Windsor Road since the crash.

Twelve properties are listed on the Property Price Register and two (No. 20 and No. 2) are for 1.3 Million while No. 14 achieved just a fraction less. Only one other house (No. 34) exceeded 1 Million. If No. 18 gets close to asking, it will set a new benchmark for the road but its restoration and extension seem exceptional which would warrant a substantial premium, though not 25% over No. 20.



Sorry I didn’t see your note. Realistically i’m Probably not going to sell so probably not worth wasting your time. I’d be looking 1.8m min to attract me for a sale.

I don’t think no 20 went for a market sale. Local scuttlebutt is that the owner has moved into a family property in Dalkey with own harbour access. Based on surnames, this seems to be true. I assume this was a sale within a family or possible envelopes into a company to generate interest deductions against rent if it’s let.


The transaction in the property price register here was a related party transfer into a corporate entity, not an arm’s length sale to an unrelated party, so not really worth looking at as a comparable or market evidence - it’s basically irrelevant.