20 Woodlands Park, Blackrock (-100k, -11.7%)

Auction on the 2nd of November

AMC reduced from €850k to €750k


Any linky for eight-fifty?

Unfortunately no, just noticed that we don’t properly handle AMV prices on irishpropertywatch

This is the best I can do


Thanks. Who knows where that figure came from. But one possibility is that someone at the EA’s office made a mistake (although that’s never happened before) and posted the reserve price…

Aside from that, interesting that the AMV of €750k is the same as that for 14 Booterstown Park, which sold at auction for €880k last week.

Did anyone see that extension in satellite view? Bananas.

Could have placed it better to get the evening sun more in the garden, and added some skylights I’d have thought.

'tis a landing signal for 'dem aliens.

This house was new to market in May 2008 through Sherry Fitzgerald with an asking price of 2.65m. The name of the house at the time was ‘Amberlay’.
Anyway, if then dropped to 2.45 in June 2008, to 2.2m in Sept 2008, then disappeared.

Now it’s back on for auction in Oct11 with an AMV 750k (306 per sq ft)…a tad more reasonable wouldn’t you all agree…

Would be grateful if someone could mine out the links to support the chronology of prices on this one.


The auction must have been a total failure or maybe it didn’t take place at all: Savills now trying to flog this for 750k:

The adjoining site is sale agreed (Sherry Fitz): myhome.ie/220657

Ah I was trying to figure out the moving entrance to that property on Bing Maps (2010) versus Google Maps (2011)

I guess they parcelled it off for themselves - can’t imagine there was massive demand for a 2 bed build on an angular site there.

Still can’t figure out how cars get into the pitch and putt…

At the bend in Priory Avenue. :smiley:

Ahh now I see it :slight_smile:

Was thinking maybe the car had been trapped by rapid site development…

Anybody have any idea what they are really looking for? What was the reserve in the auction?

Now sale agreed
Anyone any idea how much it went for?

Sold for 690k in March 2012
propertypriceregisterireland.com … and-45205/

Now asking 1.495m 8DD
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3281269
4 Bed Detached House 226 m² / 2433 ft², BER D2
€614/sq ft

I think the extension is very nicely designed. It’s unusual which is nice to see nowadays.

More mock bookshelf wallpaper

The extension doesn’t make much sense. No roof-lights and the living space, windows and an overhang are concentrated on the north-side of the extension guaranteeing perpetual shadow in the kitchen.

edit: It looks like they designed it facing that way to allow for the new-build in the side garden. Terrible compromise for the existing house.

Back on the market at €1.395m
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … in/3573869