20 York Road, Rathgar, -305K(29%)

This actually started at 995k. It then dropped to 950K. … =firefox-a
Now 890K.
myhome.ie/residential/search … EJWB350362

Says €890k on the headline but €950k down the bottom of the page …

Twits :unamused:

Despite the advert, I’m pretty sure the house is in Rathmines, not Rathgar. Presumably would make a difference to the kind of buyer they’re looking for.

Nah, you can get away with calling this Rathgar I think.

I am pretty surprised at the “modest” (lol) prices on this road (there are 3 or 4 for sale). Rathgar redbricks on a nice, leafy road at these price seems oddly un-bubbly.

Ed: What I mean to say is, if you are a solicitor earning near 100k and your spouse does some part-time consulting or something, these houses are within your borrowing range. I have seen so many mediocre properties - much worse than these - in recent years that would NOT be within the range of these high-earners.

According to treesdontgrowtothesky this has fallen from over a million:


Makes those carpets and curtains seem even more ridiculous (not to mention dated).

Nice houses, nice area but no gardens

Per An Post the address is

20 York Road
Dublin 6

790K on myhome.
myhome.ie/residential/search … EJWB350362

went to see this house at 890…no back garden at all…nothing!!..house needs alot work…i would reckon u could spend about 150k on easy…not worth that pain!!

This started at €1,050,000. (-€260k, -24.75%)

Now €745k on Daft:


Now Sale Agreed:

This house sold for around 500k…No back garden…house in a jock!

Post proof!

If you can’t back up your claims, they are not credible!

I’ve thought before when you posted “inside info” that you were probably making up stuff and now I know you are as this actually went for 610k. Before Provost berates me again for not posting proof, I’m not going to get someone involved in the transaction into confidentiality breach problems but I do want to call Vulcher out for picking a sale price out of the air…

Just as a matter of interest…This house on the same road, slightly smaller and not as interesting exterior but still a redbrick, good sized garden but has been refurbed recently asking the same as No 20 was.

myhome.ie/residential/search … LSBH397806

Sq. Metres: 125 (Sq. Feet: 1345.49) @ €750k

€557 per sq ft

No 20 is 142 Sq. Metres (1,528 Sq. Feet) @ €745k

€487 per sq ft

No 20 on the register at €935k