200 Botanic Avenue, Glasnevin (-5k?)

Was 750k … =firefox-a

Now 495k [Edit: without extra site - mambo]

My reading of the above is that the house is 495K and if ya want the site also it would be an extra 250K ? so should that be a total of 745K??

Yes Masons have a number of these hope value development sites houses

Interestingly if you buy the site part of the development consists of knocking part of the existing house

I know they have 2 more such sites in Glasnevin have been on market for nearly two years now they don’t seem to accept the fact that site values have fallen

Now 445k

Ah that’s canny now :laughing: . If ya read the blurb it says House 445 and site 250. OR… house and site combined 750K :unamused:

Weren’t the supermarkets trying that one on and people were falling for it? Selling jumbo saver packs dearer that two single ones…

I wonder how does one just buy the site ( to stay on topic like!!)

…site now available for €89K. Ouch!