200 complaints against plan for first-time buyers

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We ROCK!!!

All going to plan - very quickly too…

Take a bow Mr KerryNorth. :smiley:

I think the EU want to give Ireland a little kick to the nuts - nothing like some of the other dire warnings on here, but certainly a bit of a kick.

Lets hope ruling against this nasty scheme is how they choose to deliver it.


well done kerrynorth! btw: whats the phd in?

Economics I think he said before.

Good news. 200 complaints, I suppose exclusively from posters here on the pin. That’s a great achievement. It is great that we have made our voices heard and that the complaint is been taken seriously. Thank God we have Europe to go to, otherwise the complaints would not see the light of day.

Well done to all involved - brilliant

Spot on… it’s frightening to think that those most affected by this scheme have little interest in highlighting the flaws… but instead we have to depend on those least affected (ie europe) to come in to protect us.

8DD Well done to all on this one!

Two things I would take out of the comments from the Commission spokesperson are where he confirmed that the number of complaints were ‘in excess’ of 200 he did not state a more accurate figure, could it be 300, 400 or 500+? Secondly, I take it from his comments that the government have not applied to the Commission for Competition clearance for the scheme which tells me that the government know themselves that it is at the very least dodgy and they were trying to pull a fast one in hoping nobody would notice the Competition issues.

Kudos to all who kickstarted this campaign.

Glad I contributed a complaint and really hope Europe gives the FF/CIF cabal of Robber Barons the kick in the nuts it deserves. They’ve made inordinate profits over the last decade and through their greed they overbuilt in rural areas where there is little or no demand for this accomodation. Now that their gooses are cooked they are looking to us, the ‘little people’ as Lenihan called us, to give them one last pay-off before they sail off into the sunset. Instead of allowing the market to correct itself naturally, FF wants to help their mates divest themselves of all the newly-built empties.

To hell with them.

It is a shame that there has been a lack of critical media analysis of the scheme here in Ireland though. Or that there has not been more active and, dare i say vocal, opposition to the issue. Where is the debate apart from here on the Pin and in one or two media pieces?

But it at times like this I’m glad we are a part of the EU. At least we have a forum to complain because it seems we have little sway here in Ireland.

Yet. :slight_smile:

This fact alone has always been enough to make me support the European Project. The thought of living in Ireland with nowhere to turn beyond our own government scares the shit out of me.

Anyone who is against the EU project is by definition happy to live under a Fianna Fail government that doesn’t have to live with Europe watching.

What a feather it would be in the cap of the Pro-Lisbon side, should there be a re-vote, if they could point to this and say “Look, 200 Irish people brought something to Europe’s attention and Europe acted. Without Europe these complaints would have gotten nowhere”.

If I was one of the two Brian’s I’d take the Lemons and make Lemonade out of this. Pull the scheme. It was never going to achieve anything good for the country in any case.

Pull the scheme:
Tell Tom Parlon you tried, but dem Europeans wouldn’t have it.
Tell the public, look, Europe listens to Irish people, vote yes to Lisbon.

BTW: Did anyone else notice the Ads looking for Valuers to work for the Home Choice Loans scheme. There’s a staff induction session I’d be interested in seeing.

Come on Down…The Price is Right…
Valuer A, how much is this derelict cottage in Cavan worth?


I’m sorry, you haven’t made it through to the next round of “Who wants to be a Home Choice Loans Valuer”, collect your blankety blank checkbook and pen from the lovely Lisa and get the hell out of here.

The correct answer of course was €5,500,000. You neglected to take into account the recently granted planning permission for 25,000 apartments, 200 shopping centers, and 4500 hotels.


I saw in another thread that they are recruiting valuers with impressive efficiency, hopefully they will respond to the request for information with similar efficiency.

I realize the EU cant just take the data off the homechoice web site but its great to see the process is in motion.

Well done on this, looking forward to seeing how it progresses, could be a very useful tactic for other schemes where the government are looking after their paymasters at the expense of the little guy.

agree 100% daltonr, but i think your opinion of the 2 brians is too high… Hopefully the EU can be like the stabilizers on a kids bike, that will keep those in charge from driving the country into the ground.


That would seem to be the most expedient way of dealing with the matter SHOULD the scheme breach EU Competiion Law.

Whether it will be adopted by the two Brians, as MadPad says, remains to be seen.

looks like it has been feeded into the RTE system:

This is HUGE.

Let’s hope EU find a mechanism to stop this corrupt payment, before too much damage is done.

God bless the EU and Vive Le Traite de Lisbonne.