200 The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 (-€ 100K : 25%)


So, almost a 2-bed. Here’s another one listed as a 2-bed at €395k, but the photos to me suggest it might be a 1.5 bed also:


The second room looks like a small single room size. Maybe one agent being more strict in the definition of a bedroom than the other? Not sure.

The Sweepstakes is an interesting development, because I think it still probably commands a premium over most apartments because of D4 location and the perceived exclusivity. As evidenced by this large looking 2-bed at €700k (!!):


€350k for the two other 2-beds listed on Daft:

If you look at the location of the Sweepstakes it is very close to Docklands only probably with a better address, so you’d really have to wonder whether Docklands prices can stay where they are.