2009: A Brave New World of Brian, Brian & Mary

I missed this piece by Constantin Gurdgiev when it was originally published but he’s now put it up in full on his web site. Enjoy:

Emigration is a killer because the people who leave tend to be the most ambitious and qualified. Micko down the road who life consists of strictly come dancing, guitar hero and daily trips to the boozer isn’t going to go anywhere because he knows his lack of skills won’t get him anywhere in the increasingly globalised workforce. Hence you have an increasing unproductive portion of the population which drains the government finances.

Constantins blog is good, if polemical and scary at times…


Thought for 2009: The country is being run by three blind mice.

Gotta be the “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil” monkeys!


I don’t often agree with Constantin, he tends to be far too much of a right-wing High Priest Of Neoliberalism for my tastes, but this article is spot on and is exactly the same scenario that some of us here have been trying to convince people of for the last 6 months at least.

The State is bankrupt, it just doesn’t realise it yet.


Who is paying this running K9 of capitalism? It’s the state, is it not? I think he’s only on 15K in Trinity however. No doubt he will be quite willing to work for 7.50 dolar per hour and renounce his membership of any organisations which represent his interests as a lecturer.

There have been many attempts, over the years, by workers in the private sector to protect their rights through industrial action. Examples that I recall: a large transport company, a bakery, building workers. The list of course is large and will only grow in the coming years.

It sounds so nice , doesn’t it? Be my guest dear, here is your 2.50 per hour, daily dose of intimidation and your freezing portacabin to live in enjoy, dear guest worker.

I know and I’m not racist and I don’t like sterotypes and I don’t want to generalise either but all the peple from Wangabanga land are lazy good for nothing SOB’s as well.

It’s called hegemony. Meaning that the views of the dominant culture are seen as common sense, the way things should be done. Therefore low pay, privatisation of public services, contraction of governmet and so on, the core of neoliberal capitalistm ideology are seen by the general public to be “normal”. However there is an alternative to this brutal ideology.

Anyone see the Weekend supplement of the IT today? Big banner article headline on Dell with a full page article on the potential devastation. Above it on the “included inside” tagline above is a big pic of Mary guffawing like an amused giraffe. Page 7 has a full puff piece with a half page version of said braying donkey pic. Who advises this lass? Seriously its an own goal Richie Dunne would be proud of


Q. Whats the difference between Dell Poland and Dell Ireland?

A. Dey’re gettin Lodz more jobs in Poland !!

boom tish

Thats the one kid. Its particularly awesome on the front page juxtapositioned against the Dell headline

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