2014 Competition

Okay Bulls Bears and Stags, a competition with a prize.

A case of Marques de Riscal to the closest to the June 2014 CSO index for Irish property. Both Dublin and national added together is the winner. (Nov 13 69.8 + 68.3).

You have to be registered prior to this post and the entries will close on the 2nd Jan.

You can if you wish spice up the value of the prize to 1/3 of a bitcoin. You must specify :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess: 141

Happy 2014 and good luck :smiley:

Lower by the end of the year :wink:

The end of the year predictions earn nothing :wink:

139.6 and I would prefer the wine :smiley:

Of course you would BD



I’ll have the booze thanks



Or the other way around :smiley:

One hundred and eighty!

For the time of year that’s in it, and because the cso index is totally discredited.

I’m a fan of Marques de Riscal so I’ll be extra appreciative.

Hay Grumpy.

Fancy extending your competition for a day due to the 1 day pin outage?


158 :slight_smile:

142.9 = Wine (hopefully)

Not necessarily. I’ve been bearish since before I owned property, substantially so at the time of my peak purchase. Now I am not bearish (though I do think there’s an affordability problem).

Oh, wine please…

Just so we can get TUG back to post her favourite cartoon?

136.25. Wine please.

Wine, Happy New Year to All.

Home owner with low LTV, potential trader-up

Wine please
Bought in SCD in Feb 2013