2020 - Pinster economic status Poll


Voters should be able to select up to 4 options.

  • Shotgun, Gold & Beans pile intact from 2006, topped up nicely for Brexit, sitting pretty.
  • Income & means stable (Employed State sector)
  • Income & means Stable (Employed Private sector)
  • P45ed
  • Hours reduced
  • Contractor, clock ticking.
  • Contract not being renwed.
  • Time to emigrate… oh wait!
  • Disastrous trading conditions (watching paint dry on wall more productive).
  • Catastrophic hit to business… not sure what next (see next vote option below)
  • Terminal hit to biz… it’s dead jim.
  • Just bought a gaff
  • Was about to buy, taking stock.
  • Plans on hold 3-6 months|
  • Plans on hold 6 months or longer
  • Plans on hold for 12 months or longer
  • Planning is for losers.
  • Renting for the foreseeable future.
  • I am a celebrity/royalty with Coronavirus get me outta here.

0 voters

Hold off buying for 18 months?

You missed working from home


Doh! … 1st and/or 3rd option should cover it. :joy: