2020 US Presidential Race


While Elizabeth Warren famously has plans for everything, the Democratic senator and presidential candidate hasn’t unveiled a full immigration proposal yet. But she has endorsed the most radical immigration idea already out there in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary (ahead of her appearance in the first debate on Wednesday night): making it no longer a federal crime to cross the border and migrate to the US without papers.

In an interview with HuffPost’s Roque Planas on Tuesday, Warren said she supported repealing the provision of US law that makes “illegal entry” into the US a federal crime, which has been on the books since 1929 but has only been routinely enforced in the 21st century.

Former San Antonio mayor and Obama Housing and Urban Development secretary Julián Castro first made the idea of repealing “1325,” the provision in chapter 8 of the US code that makes illegal entry a misdemeanor, a centerpiece of his immigration platform. Warren even went a little further than Castro in saying she’d also support getting rid of the companion law that makes illegal reentry — coming back to the US without papers after deportation — a felony.

This is the madness Trump is pushing the Dems into, I understand that to win the nomination candidates will agree with polices and then try to drop them for the election, but its hard to see them walk away from this, free health care for the entire world, anyone who disagrees is a racist, good luck with that lads

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

Well would you look at that, I can’t imagine what’s next… :whistle:

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Put it in a frame. Get the picture.

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