2020 US Presidential Race


While Elizabeth Warren famously has plans for everything, the Democratic senator and presidential candidate hasn’t unveiled a full immigration proposal yet. But she has endorsed the most radical immigration idea already out there in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary (ahead of her appearance in the first debate on Wednesday night): making it no longer a federal crime to cross the border and migrate to the US without papers.

In an interview with HuffPost’s Roque Planas on Tuesday, Warren said she supported repealing the provision of US law that makes “illegal entry” into the US a federal crime, which has been on the books since 1929 but has only been routinely enforced in the 21st century.

Former San Antonio mayor and Obama Housing and Urban Development secretary Julián Castro first made the idea of repealing “1325,” the provision in chapter 8 of the US code that makes illegal entry a misdemeanor, a centerpiece of his immigration platform. Warren even went a little further than Castro in saying she’d also support getting rid of the companion law that makes illegal reentry — coming back to the US without papers after deportation — a felony.

This is the madness Trump is pushing the Dems into, I understand that to win the nomination candidates will agree with polices and then try to drop them for the election, but its hard to see them walk away from this, free health care for the entire world, anyone who disagrees is a racist, good luck with that lads

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

Well would you look at that, I can’t imagine what’s next… :whistle:

That headline at time of searching got About 21,500,000 results in de google box.

Alt link: https://outline.com/ajdGqm


Put it in a frame. Get the picture.

Michelle Obama after Trump’s racist tweets: ‘What truly makes our country great is diversity’

Former first lady Michelle Obama in a tweet Friday made an oblique reference to President Donald Trump’s racist jabs against a foursome of first-term congresswomen of color, saying that “what truly makes our country great is its diversity.”



Things are finally warming up on the 2020 trail

Biden is have a few family issues, its seems,

just as the real Dem candidate is climbing the polls

Donald of course is using ever legal and possibly illegal angle to spy on the opposition


Finally? Finally warming up???

Ha, it’s been all out WAR for 4+ years.

Stop reading the MSM for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea. It rots the brain.

Biden / Hunter Biden info is old (like last year at min), but what is new is it being pushed to the fore, tactically right at this very moment, but that’s merely tactics, it’s the strategy that belies day to day frenzies that hold the most interest.

Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine

What did Trump say when asked about Hillarys emails being in the Ukraine?

“Do you believe that the emails from Hillary Clinton, do you believe that they are in Ukraine?”

DJT: “I think they could be… boy that was a nice question I liked that question”


Probably China too and live sync’d too… ya dig?

Image below: Postyed on the assumption it is an accurate grab of data from the WSJ.

Same day Hillary, clearly not impressed (or panicked?)

The president of the United States has betrayed our country.

That’s not a political statement—it’s a harsh reality, and we must act.

He is a clear and present danger to the things that keep us strong and free.

I support impeachment.


Wrap your noodle around that one. :blush:

It’s some show, but you wouldn’t get it on RTE1 or RTE2 now… ya have to wait at least 2 years for it make it over here. :roll_eyes:


Why is Russia not on that list? The oligarch Victor Vekselberg is reckoned to have donated 100,000 usd to the Clinton Foundation. (Conor Lenihan was employed by Vekselberg after Fianna Fail crashed out of office.)


Couldn’t find the original source for that list - can you post a link to the original WSJ research. I did some research on the Clinton Foundation (looking for funding for a project) - it’s quite complex (there are multiple Clinton Foundations) and I did come across a number of articles in the WSJ. My memory is that Russia were on the list , and while Ukraine might have been on it - I don’t remember it and I think I would if it was one of the largest donors. BTW the research was based on ethical doubts on using the Clinton Foundations as a source so I’m not saying this as a fan. Project was canned before we got any further


I don’t have it, thus the caveat - I did, I am sure see it linked in a Zerohedge article but I don’t have that link to hand either! I think I saw this chart last year and it was the “Ireland” bar that jumped out at me for other reasons at the time. If I cross over these again I will post… so much going on day by day it’s not often possible to say on top of the real chaos.

Meanwhile, you might like this very recently released by John Solomon, a lot there I haven’t dug into but someone might enjoy it - https://www.scribd.com/user/259237201/JohnSolomon

Oh and by the way did you ever visit http://charlesortel.com - he seems to have spent a long time looking into the Clinton Foundation and maybe more besides. I haven’t heard much from him in a few years.


Is Clinton in anyway relevant in 2020 ???


You’re telling me to stop reading MSM???
gues that excludes the WSJ then :wink:


Yes but no, what I suggested was:

“Stop reading the MSM for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea.”

Surely it couldn’t be clearer. :icon_beer:


Well… I had in my post to @metalmike more but I edited it out for brevity.

Since you asked, I don’t know but - One school of thought over the last few days has erupted is she will come in at last minute, and white knight herself into the race on behalf of the Dems.

I don’t see the utility as a genuine contender but there might be some technical utility to Clinton that we can’t see form this side. I don’t know enough about the in’s and out’s here.

Some believe Clinton planned this tactical sabotage of Biden (Bernie II? - Not forgetting Obama did not endorse Biden either, and is implicated is possibly implicated in Ukraine Biden connection, by Biden’s own words afaik), of course that’s if you do not subscribe to the idea that what is going on is a carefully sprung ambush by the Trump admin amid the supposed baiting of the Dems to go all in on #impeach at the same time the Ukraine stuff explodes into a forever resistant msm to report anything other that propaganda… either-way it would be interesting if she did at the very last minute enter the ring, as some have suspected for longer for other reason besides. Let’s see. It’s not something I’m watching to closely but it came up to the fore in all this madness.

More is coming out about Ukraine, Adam Schiff and others. That’s all ongoing.

Some chatter I’ve read, is that donors are walking away from Dems, if they run Warren, and not just walking, moving donations to the Rep side only.

Last week went off the charts, but most probably didn’t even notice.

Markets, Metals, Cryptos, Banks, FED/QE, Behind the scenes underplays with Banks & China? Ukraine, Impeach and so on.

I expect but hope not, more crazy and certainly much more dangerous things.

I’ve also seen it likened to 1952 presidential election when the Dems ran against Dwight and lost badly.

#Impeach - I’ve read that if impeachment occurs, anyone can be brought up to testify and give witness, and this really is all show as it would not suit the Dem’s one bit, but when you see Hillary Clinton gung-ho screaming for #impeachment of a sitting US president, you have to wonder, it must be really really really serious. :whistle:

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US

Well if we are into speculating what each other read at breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea, the only thing clear is your speculation.


Speculating? You’re having a laugh, but if you’re going to be so humourless in your response, at least take ownership of what you post in terms of linked stories, i.e. no speculation required bud or hard graft with that approach tbh. :icon_smile:


If Michelle Obama is not wheeled out at the last minute as a counter candidate (as was speculated not too long ago), will it be Clinton?

IS this more kiting flying, narrative revisioning or actually an opening act, warming up to the final move, the following interview is very interesting… this being an MSM article read it at your peril!

In a wide-ranging interview with Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, about their new book, Clinton weighs in on talk of impeaching President Trump; the potential of the president’s reelection; her loss in the 2016 election; and her life today.

Speaking to Pauley earlier this week, just hours before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced her call for an impeachment inquiry into Mr. Trump, Clinton also suggested there should be an inquiry into the president’s actions.

"My view is that, given the latest revelation, which is such a blatant effort to use his presidential position to advance his personal and political interests, there should be an impeachment inquiry opened," Clinton said. "And I think, sadly, there are a number of grounds. But this one is incredibly troubling.

"The most outrageously false things were said about me. And unfortunately, enough people believed them. So, this is an effort to sow these falsehoods against [Vice President Joe] Biden. And I don’t care if you’re for the [Democrats] or you’re a Republican, when the president of the United States, who has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, uses his position to in effect extort a foreign government for his political purposes. I think that is very much what the founders worried about in ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’"

Will it be harder for a woman to be elected president now? Pauley asked Clinton.

Well, I hope not, and I don’t think so — because the objective is to field whoever is the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump," Clinton replied. “Because Donald Trump right now poses a direct threat, a clear and present danger to the institutions of our government, to the rule of law, to our standing in the world.

Clinton also tells Pauley she doesn’t believe that Trump will be re-elected for a second term.

“Look, there were many funny things that happened in my election that will not happen again,” she said. “And I’m hoping that both the public and press understand the way Trump plays the game.”

Asked whether she gets angry that none of the current candidates for president mentions her name on the campaign trail, and that President Trump continues to say she should be “locked up,” Clinton says no.

"No, it doesn’t kill me because he knows he’s an illegitimate president. I believe he understands that the many varying tactics they used – from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false stories — he knows that there were just a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out like it did," she said.

"You know, Jane, it was like applying for a job and getting 66 million letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado," Clinton added. "And so, I know that he knows that this wasn’t on the level. I don’t know that we’ll ever know what happened."

"But I can’t deny that a big part of me cares deeply about what’s happening in the country, and what I fear is the damage that’s being done: The damage being done to our future, the damage being done to our values, our institutions. So, I think about it a lot, and try to think of ways that I can help those who are on the front lines of the fight."


Trump, a “Corrupt Human Tornado”… literally Hitler was much more marketing if you ask me, but what do I know. :man_shrugging:


Again idle speculation with more insults thrown in.


I believe this belongs to you @propertyspire


Whats MSM about those links
Axios has a minuscule readership compared to the likes of FOX/CNN/WP/WSJ avoids the editorialisation of the news by MSM.
Real clear politics is one of few sites where a variety of opinions is posted from the middle of road as well as the loons from the right of the GOP.
I think you will need a new definition of MSM if that passes for MSM.


If it quacks like a duck - but yes you are right, I do use an updated definition of the MSM based on it’s behaviour since, oh the lead up to the property crash and more refined over the last few years. If that wasn’t clear.


Clinton simmering, about to boil?

Since Biden is goosed. The chatter has turned to Clinton being wheeled out as Warren’s running mate (at the very last minute)

Looks like Trump is goading her via twitter, what does he know?

I think that Crooked Hillary Clinton should enter the race to try and steal it away from Uber Left Elizabeth Warren. Only one condition. The Crooked one must explain all of her high crimes and misdemeanors including how & why she deleted 33,000 Emails AFTER getting “C” Subpoena!

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Hillary Clinton

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