2020 US Presidential Race


Not even a spontaneous act. Planned and premeditated.

Can’t see that going down well with the voters.


Sad to see this from Lizzy’s campaign, as a coloured woman she knows only too well the extra oppression woman of colour face, my guess is the real problems were caused by one of those evil heteronormative white CIS gender males


Oh, maybe it’s the other Mike with Clinton as VP :wink: How’d I know?… well, maybe it’s still more kite flying, before a tactical entrance? We shall see. :ninja:


Michelle Obama? Now that would be a ballsy move. :face_vomiting:


The hillary stories are only promoted by hillary herself and some red meat Republicans. Fake news but im sure everyone can see it for what it is.


Bernie has the Russian support in the bag, I suspect this deal was made back in 80s on his honeymoon trip to the USSR


Great stuff, nothing guarantees a will like some fakebook accounts and a yiny fraction of ad spend. Fair play putin.


This was a very interesting article on effects/intentions behind the Bloomberg nomination campaign
OffGuardian - Subcomandante Bloomberg
Hangs together pretty well, the only thing that makes me doubt the truth of it is that it is the first political strategy in this nomination campaign that seems to have been anything but counter-productive.


Once Corn Pop endorsed Joe, poor Bernie and Liz had little chance

Looks like its the Don V Joe


Maybe not after this… Quid Pro Joe strikes again!


Creepy Uncle Joe is unravelling right before our eyes. :smiley:


Given the state the economy will be in by November, Joe can do and say what he likes. Talking shite and telling lies has not exactly hurt trump.


Are you better off now than you were in 2016?


After Trump getting elected and Brexit I for 1 100% trust all polls now and forever. [/s]
:rofl: :us: :uk:

(There’s probably some value in polls, but I would be way more skeptical of polls now.)


True, Trump will absolutely slaughter Creepy Uncle Joe in the debates. A lot more dirt will come up regarding Biden’s past and he’s clearly in severe cognitive decline.



So if everyone took it you would have 10s of thousands of additional deaths. As trump says, what have you got to lose.


Of all the things that might tilt the election, and let’s face it most US voters won’t budge from their allegiance, sleaze isn’t one of them.


It read I think earlier this year or late last year (pre-virus attack), that it might be anticipated up to 25% of democratic voters would be voting Trump this time round. Make of that what you will.


If the sleaze doesn’t finish him off then the late-stage dementia certainly will.


'Bidden time for the switch.