2020 US Presidential Race


Right, that’s Jo Bye Then! :wave:

Ok, so what next?

The big reveal, might be, Warren - Clinton or Clinton - Obama :ninja:


I think you could be right on Warren having Hillary as her running mate Open_Window. A potentially historic election of the first female president. Not only that, after the quick demise of Warren we would then see the second female presidency.


I’m not totally following you on the demise point. Unless you mean HC will be wearing the presidential pant suit even as VP?

The other gambit open to HC is to suddenly have real serious health issues (ironic huh?). It’s all about self preservation at this point, according to some and sweet f all else.


It was more a joke that Warren might meet with some unfortunate and deadly ‘accident’ shortly after taking office. :smiley:


Yea of course! :rofl: Stoopid me.:grimacing:



Clinton is just a cutting and underhand as ever. Quelle surprise.



Sure isn’t this is why Joe ran, so he could play the political victim card, to deflect for effect. This was anticipated some time ago.

Obama hasn’t endorsed Biden afaik but was happy enough to chime in for his best bud Justin more recently.


Someone on twitter posts:

Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a “slush fund” owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden

@MichaelCoudrey reports, adding that it has been determined that after significant payments were made to the firm partly owned by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden while the VP operated in an official capacity to change US Foreign Policy to help enrich and protect his son, Hunter Biden.


More here - https://mobile.twitter.com/MichaelCoudrey/status/1194782001422721024


Quid Pro Joe


Ben Garrison’s cartoon about Ukraine



The hashtag #CNNIsTrash is the number one trend on Twitter as of this writing due to the network’s appalling treatment of Bernie Sanders in last night’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa.

The joint smear job against Sanders had many arms, including wildly biased questions like Wolf Blitzer deliberately associating Bernie with “Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei” by pointing out that they both want US troops out of the Middle East and demanding to know how he was going to avoid “bankrupting the country” with a healthcare plan used in nations all over the world.


I don’t know if she got her vote back but not to worry, looks like Pete still won the primary

With a little help it seems



Thought it was fantastic myself, speaking volumes for how a lot of people feel. Each to their own.


Odd, disconcerting, behaviour.


The Democrats are doing a fantastic job of securing another 4 years for Trump. He was win on a landslide.


Not even a spontaneous act. Planned and premeditated.

Can’t see that going down well with the voters.


Sad to see this from Lizzy’s campaign, as a coloured woman she knows only too well the extra oppression woman of colour face, my guess is the real problems were caused by one of those evil heteronormative white CIS gender males