2020 US Presidential Race


seems that Micheal Martin may have accidentally outed Biden as having violated the logan act


Trump is 16/1 to be “next president” on Betfair. Dementia patient is 1/18. I guess the insiders must have information that we’re not privy to. :thinking:


Well ive had a good laugh at all these comedic lawsuits. Not even fox can sell them.
Trump, cummings anf a vaccine all in one week. Life is good.


It doesn’t matter whether more Trump voters voted on the day if the software is designed to switch Trump votes to Biden votes. In fact if anything that makes it easier to target Trump voters. However the main issue is that the mail in voting is so skewed in Bidens favour it suggest that Trump votes went missing en route. Which is unsurprising considering the orange man is hitler campaign waged by the media and the establishment for 4 years. If they ran election with verified voter ID, Trump would win a landslide.


What do you mean by “not even Fox”? Fox News are almost completely anti-Trump besides Tucker Carlson and a couple of others.



Something must have happened recently to make people think Biden was going to be president…


And amazingly, Biden’s goons managed to tamper with the postal votes all over the country, in every district, county and state to give a consistent looking voting pattern.


No, you’re not hearing me. The price has shifted quite a bit today in Biden’s favour. Apparently one of Trump’s legal teams has quit due to threats from the leftists. These people are terrorists.


The price has moved as those seeking to trade out of the market and realise profits immediately have now cashed out. That was inflating Biden’s price a couple of ticks. Also, the evidence of malfeasance is so weak that sceptics have stopped backing Trump as a speculative bet.


Presumably because Trump’s lawsuit in Arizona failed which closes a door that was barely open in the first place.
And if the Trump legal submissions are as poor elsewhere as it was in AZ, then this thing will be put to bed fairly quickly.


16/1 is terriffic value. There is zero chance Biden is allowed to be president after the Biden laptop, the military wont let it happen. its that simple - the proof is copious that Biden is owned by China. The USA ends of Biden is allowed in, not sure enough people realise that.

This is all going to the supreme court, which Repubs control 5/4. Its game over, back it


Arizona’s issues will still go to appelate courts. Precedent has already been set in the case of Pennsylvania - a judge ruled Wednesday that ballots coming in late didnt count. The decision pertained to ballots not already counted, but there’s lots more lawsuits coming after that about the ballots that were illegally counted after Nov 3rd at 8pm, that will build on not only that precedent, but the existing law. They can’t certify these counts in the individual states, therefore no electoral votes for Biden in those states.

Then you have DOminion software issues. That’s huge - dont bother looking for anything in the media on it, hit up citizenfreepress.com. Censorship is happening in the media and on Google search, and twitter.

The legislature is the only one allowed change election rules, in this case a judge authorised it (pre-election), therefore decision is null and void. If that has to go to the supreme court, its game over. (-judges and courts are not legislatures)

Remember this, Trump only needs to win a successful suit in ONE state, then the constitution says all voters have not been treated equally, so it automatically goes to teh state legislatures, one vote per state. 35 are republicans.

But he will have more than that. Wisconsin and Michigan and Penn are nailed on fraud cases. THere are whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

Game over.

Im not making any of this up, Trump is the next president. Freepress have been calling it since Nov 4th despite the count, and they still are. Let’s see if they’re right.




Definitely. Can’t wait for January to have Trump sworn in for another term.
The military and Supreme Court will make sure about that. One man, one vote.
Tump is the man. He has the vote.


President Trump is not the only one who adamantly refuses to credit Joe Biden with winning the 2020 presidential election.

Honchos at online gambling sites around the world, which take wagers on election outcomes, are also refusing to call Biden president-elect, despite the final tallies in his favor in what’s been called a historically secure election. Now, millions of dollars in gamblers’ wins and losses hang in the balance.

At one site alone, London-based Betfair, nearly $600 million in presidential wagers are hanging tight.


Are paddy power taking bets on a trump win any more? Don’t see it as an option, but they look to make a €3m loss if he wins, so they may have stopped taking bets…


no but they are the same company as betfair, who have exchange bets open. Which PP/betfair get commission on every time someone bets either way, no matter who wins or loses the election…so thats just more cute pp free advertising.

there’s currently over 600 million waiting to be settled on the betfair exchange…


Venezuela, Cuba, China… DOMINION

Release the Kraken: @SidneyPowell1 vows to expose the Silicon Valley and left-wing corporations that are using their power to help Democrats steal the election from @realDonaldTrump

#MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs

[10:35 PM · Nov 13, 2020]

Video Interview @ Src: https://twitter.com/LouDobbs/status/1327379704014393344



Not sure if it’s still available at Paddy Power but it’s still an open market on the Betfair exchange.