2020 US Presidential Race



You’re right, it’s a war, it’s a war on disinformation. We’ve been subjected to weeks and weeks of lies, conspiracy theories, and unsubstantiated allegations. There is nothing coherent about any of the allegations. Everything has been completely baseless so far.

The best source of truth is to actually go look at the results themselves on a county by county basis. The NY Times have got a real nice visual that shows how the vote in each county has swung from 2016.

Go here, click “Shift From 2016” - https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/11/03/us/elections/results-president.html

If there was fraud in the cities of Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, etc. it would have stuck out like store thumb. You’d be seeing a wave of red all over the US, with some ridiculous and very isolated blue spikes in the cities. You don’t see that though. What you see fits the narrative. Trump was generally very popular in rural and non-coastal parts of America. Biden was popular in coastal and urban America.


You’re not really being fair to Biden, he’s probably the most popular US president ever, he even got more votes than saint Barry, and he achieved this without campaigning because of C19, who knew an 80 year old with dementia would be so popular

Will be interesting to see how many more votes Kamala gets in 2024, I’d say she beats Joe’s numbers easy, and the NY times will have a real nice map to explain how she did it, CNN will too


I just can’t get away from that.

I’ve said this before, so I apologise somewhat for repeating myself.
Biden. Creepy Joe. More white men voted for him than for Trump? And more black men voted for him than Obama? Get the fuck outta here!!!

I suspect this is gonna get strange.


A real nice map based on actual numbers, as opposed to bullsh1t.


I just stated the facts, no BS needed

Joe is the most popular president ever, if not for C19 he would have had bigger rallies than even Barry could muster back in 2008

Trump did well to increase his vote from 2016, but Biden was just far too popular, is this the first time a sitting President increased his vote and still lost ? thats just how good Joe and his team are, years from now people will be studying his campaign strategy, there was some talk of shy Trump voters but it looks like there were far more shy Biden voters, millions of them


There is literally not a source that is suggesting more white men voted for Biden than Trump. Anything I have read suggests white men shifted slightly in favour of Biden, hardly surprisingly considering Hillary was not well liked.

As to your second suggestion that more black men voted for Biden than Obama? Biden didn’t win these counties by anywhere near what Obama won them.

2008 Wayne County (Detroit) - Michigan: Obama 660,085 votes
2020 Wayne County (Detroit) - Michigan: Biden 597,170 votes

2008 Genesee County (Flint) - Michigan: Obama 143,927 votes
2020 Genesee County (Flint) - Michigan: Biden 119.390 votes


Rallies don’t win elections, votes do.


Rallies don’t win elections, votes do.

By hook or by crook. It’s not called the Democrate machine for nothing. The Democrates have form.

All these claims…“There’s no fraud…There’s never been any fraud…There’s no concrete proof…This is preposterous…”

…it you look at American history …these claims don’t really stand up to scrutiny.

American politics has in the past been very dirty business.
IMO, this election is very interesting, and could potentially become a powder keg.


I think there was likely plenty of fraud going on at a local level. Some things to consider though. 102 million voters had voted early. That’s way over double the amount of 2016. Many people might have planned on voting in 2016 but just not made it to the booth on election day for numerous reasons. Minor emergencies, they were having a bad day, work emergencies, queues too long, etc. This time many were encouraged to vote early and it’s much easier to vote by mail than to go to a voting booth on a specific day at a specific time. That will have a massive impact on the numbers.
I think a lot of the fraud happened before the election regarding complicity of the MSM/Tech/Intelligence/Pollsters with the Democrats blocking information from getting to the people and spreading misinformation.
I don’t think the points above can be ruled out when considering the difference in numbers this time around. I’m still open to any new evidence of fraud however.
I stated from the start that the goal was to get Kamala to be President and it looks like this will happen. A person who got there that hardly even had a couple of percent of people wanting her to be President in her own state. It feels more like machiavellian corporate politics than democracy.


You make no sense whatsoever.

The graphs I have linked to indicate a minor and widespread swing to the Democrats. You see this in lots and lots of counties in many, many states, with urban counties leaning slightly towards Biden.

The only way the Democrats rigged this election is if they went county by county and doctored every single result.

It makes no sense whatsoever. How can you doctor the election where you have 50 states that each have their own way of counting votes.


One of the (lies) tropes I see being repeated here.

I stated from the start that the goal was to get Kamala to be President

If Biden was actually senile, there is not a hope he would have been allowed to run for President. I know from very, very bitter personal experience what a disease that dementia can be. If Biden was truly afflicted with dementia, it’s pretty clear his family would not allow that to carry on, simply for the sake of the Democratic party.

Yet again, this is one of those illogical argument that the Trump folks are making.

If Trump won the election by a landslide, surely it doesn’t matter who the Democrats ran, whether it’s Obama, Biden, or Donald Duck.

If Trump won the election by a landslide, then why not just put Kamala at the fore front on the campaign? Surely nothing to lose, right?


I’m not a Trump folk. I was warning against Trump in September of 2015 as I thought his temperament would be dangerous for a President. I am a democracy folk though. The plan was to get Kamala to be President also. Long before Biden entered the picture. I worked in tech previously and met someone of reasonable status in a certain party at the end of 2018 while at a dinner. They had stated this was the plan at least amongst their cohort. I didn’t know who Kamala was at the time but mentioned I didn’t think a lawyer from California would win over the masses. It didn’t go down well in the conversation.
Anyway, it’s just an anecdote so you can dismiss it. It doesn’t really matter. The main point is that someone that got no direct votes and who was dismissed by the electorate is a step away from the Presidency. Feel free to disregard
everything else I’ve said, but that point is hard to dismiss.

Not actually sure what your point is here. They tried to put her at the forefront. She fell at the first hurdle.


Not sure where they’re getting their odds from but the odds on Trump winning have lengthened in recent days on Betfair. He’s now 21/1 to be “next president”. Biden available at 1/25. :zipper_mouth_face:

Anyway, Biden’ll never be president so I’ll lay him some more at those odds. :smiley:


You have made no sense whatsoever.

This election was for the Presidency of the United States.

Essentially, two people ran for that office. One was a Democrat, the other was a Republican.

The very same people who are alleging that Joe Biden is equipped to commit mass electoral fraud, are the very same people who are alleging that he is senile and not fit to take up office. Apparently the whole thing was a front to put Kamala in. If you are going to rig an election, why not just stick Kamala in off the bat?

As I have indicated already, the only way electoral fraud can take place is with the complicit agreement of the federal government. The only way the Democrats did as well as they did was by cheating in every single state - such a thing is an impossibility given the nature how each state governs its own electoral process. the onus of proof is on the allegator, innocent until proven guilty - the American way.

Likely scenario: Biden was not particularly likeable, but was liked slight more to independents than Hillary. Captured a very small 2% swing that was enough to secure victory. All we have seen so far bears that out.


I think people reading this mistake me for being anti-Trump. I am actually nothing of the sort. I actually think but for COVID and a doubling of the US unemployment rate, Trump would have won this election. America always votes economy first.

In fact, I actually think Trump was very unfortunate to have a devastating global pandemic explode in his face just months before an election. Up until then, US unemployment was actually at a generational low (I think credit also needs to be given to Obama, who left the economy on a very definite upward curve after he left). Of course, none of that matters, Trump was the man in charge when it all went t1ts up.

I think Trumps problem was probably his inability to get big stimulus checks out quick enough. I think he realised this towards the end, but it was too late, especially with a Republican senate that was not willing to play ball to help get him elected. Pelosi and the Democrats were far too conservative with their demands. I think Trump should have pushed for something stimulus checks beyond what the Democrats proposed.


Ballot Watermarks in the News

Tricia Flanagan (R-NJ) For U.S. Senate @NewDayForNJ

Bravo @OAN for covering watermark ballot evidence disclosed in lawsuit filed by Sidney Powell! Stay tuned—full detail will come after upcoming evidentiary hearings. Crooked Biden fraudsters have been caught red handed & the FULL evidence is pouring out.

For those who would like to see the full OANN clip regarding the evidence of #watermarkedballots here it is…

Src: https://twitter.com/NewDayForNJ/status/1332341690968010754

Tweet w/video: https://twitter.com/NewDayForNJ/status/1332358486328561675


Unsolvable Problem

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!



are you serious? you cant see the spikes at the same time across four states early in the morning of the 4th? Theyve been shown to be statistically impossible. The spikes are there!


There are lots of things at the moment that good people just cannot see.

Good people, blinded. Give them time and believe their sight will return. They will then be in a position to see lots of things hidden in plain sight.


I honestly think that the gulf in sensibilities is too broad. I think there was a blatant attempt to steal the election. I think there were thousands of people involved, but they don’t think they were doing anything wrong because Ohrange Mahnnn Bahhhhdd. And the media have zero interest in reporting it.

But I can see how someone would want badly to not understand this, enough to literally not understand how we could think this.

I see articles debunking fraud and my mind glazes over. Like, I can feel myself disregarding the information, and some of the fraud stories are inconsequential, and so won’t matter. The other 100 are not.

But my point is that I have to fight myself to pay attention to the things I disagree with before reading them. Which feels strange. But, I do put in the effort, and remain unmoved.

Deeply strange shit is about to go down.