2020 US Presidential Race



Kamala and team went mental over Kavanaugh.

Can the exercise self-control?

I don’t think so…



They’re already talking about replacing her before the election. And the leftists are threatening to burn everything to the ground again.
These people are fucking insane.


It’s a No Lose scenario for Trump.
More chaos = more votes for him.


As an election strategy I actually think Trump’s best option is to name his replacement for RBG, challenge Biden to do the same and say he will wait until after the election to proceed.

But I suspect the pull of getting another conservative on the bench now might be too great resist for the republicans.


The correct strategy is to propose a controversial candidate to make sure they dont get on the SC. If they get elected, there is zero need to vote for the GOP. Might be enough to get a 1 or 2 % swing in certain states



S Corps

Earlier today I reported on Elizabeth Warren’s plan to expand Social Security benefits by the widest margin in a half-century. There’s a tiny provision in the plan that could loom large in the presidential primary and the campaign of the Democratic front-runner, Joe Biden.

Warren vows to close the so-called “Gingrich-Edwards” loophole, a way for the rich to avoid Social Security and Medicare contributions. Self-employed individuals can set up S corporations to pass through earned income from consulting, book advances, speaking fees, or whatever else. The Trump administration just made S corporations more lucrative by adding large deductions for pass-through income.

If the individual classifies money taken out of the S corporation as an investor distribution rather than a salary, that money avoids payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare. It gets taxed as a corporate profit (at a lower overall rate) rather than income. Newt Gingrich and John Edwards, the namesakes of the loophole, both used this to funnel millions of dollars into their hands without paying payroll taxes.

Warren’s call to close the Gingrich-Edwards loophole would move more money into the Social Security system, as well as Medicare. Unlike other parts of the plan, a president could accomplish this through IRS regulatory guidelines, without needing approval from Congress.

And that could be bad news for a guy named Joe Biden.



From what I saw Sleepy Joe got kerb stomped at the debate. But of course a bit like Enda Kenny back in the day, the media protect him


I think the whole thing was a shitshow. America deserves the president it gets.

I don’t think anyone will change there mind.


It’s amazing how the “it was a shitshow” talking point was spread in unison since this morning. This was because Biden was so bad & didn’t manage even 10 seconds of quotable speech.


Biden is terrible. Hes barely coherent.

However Trump was rude and arrogant which in turm left Biden off the hook.

It would be hard to vote for either of these guys. But Bidens unwillingness to condemn Antifa or the general mayhem over the Summer along with Trumps focus on Law and Order (all ignored by the media) will likely have been noticed by anyone who bothered to watch it.

The biggest winners here will have been anyone cheering for the decline of American prestige


The US geriatric Election reminded me of a couple of old barstool warriors constantly interrupting each other to the point that they had no point to their discussions, nor did any of the bystanders really understand what they were arguing about.


Nice video on the outright lying about the debate


Trump was scolded like a petulant child by the moderator, which he richly deserved. It wasn’t a good look. An all round crap performance. Tend to agree that America deserves the president it gets.


Biden was quite a bit more coherent than I expected him to be. Perhaps he was pumped full of drugs before the debate by his handlers. Pretty weak performance from Trump. He missed plenty of opportunities to hurt Creepy Uncle Joe. ANTIFA are apparently just an “idea, not an organisation”. :whistle:


Understatement of the year. His performance was a train wreck.


Id expect him to put in a better performance on the second debate however the damage is done and the overall strategy is very lame from Trump Inc. Painting Biden as a leftist stooge is laughable given his record. Calling him senile might work if there were no debates. Attacking hunter comes across as nasty and vindicate. Make american great again is a numpty tagline when your the president for 4 years. Same with the law and order play as the country burns.
The stand back and stand by comment will hurt him a bit also.


For the people who like to see how people vote with their money - https://www.realclearpolitics.com/elections/betting_odds/2020_president/
Pretty big leap yesterday - I wouldn’t dare to write Trump off but this is one straw in the wind.
And this is another. When you can see you’re not going to win straight you try to win crooked - it’s a dumb stunt though.


Trump and his missus has the 'rona! - https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54381848
Just when you thought this couldn’t get more surreal. What happens if he doesn’t make it to polling day?