2020 US Presidential Race


Thats big. Especially when he is so overweight. Still he could turn out to be asymptomatic

I wonder if he got it at one of his rallys. Hope hicks is positive too.


Poetic justice


I’m afraid the rather bland line on the RTE website (which was slightly less bland earlier this morning - the original included that the statement that she travelled constantly with the President in the same line rather than being in a separate paragraph) -

Ms Hicks is the former White House Communications Director and is one of Donald Trump’s top advisers and closest aides.

-needs some improvement, Private Eye were masters of this. Their line would have read -

Attractive 31 year old Ms Hicks (36-24-36) is the former White House Communications Director and is one of Donald Trump’s top advisers and closest aides. The President is 74.



Suspect a full "recovery " will be reported in the coming days or week or so.

Hydroxy Chlor and other OTC meds will be given credit for fighting the 'rona.

Political masterstroke.


Sometimes an exploding clown car is just an exploding clown car.


Thats why I said theory. Who knows anymore.


President Pence ? Bet the odds have shortened


interesting timeline

Wed - fundraiser in a private house and a rally in Duluth (est crowd of 3k ). Hope hicks starts showing symptoms on the way back to the white house.

Next day, Trump continued to a fundraiser after Hope Hicks started to show symptoms. There is no way he didnt know hicks was positive before or on the way to the Bedminster event. Even our ministers can get tests in a few hours.

He then gave a live broadcast address , when he claimed “the end of the pandemic is in sight”.

Announces Hicks is positive on hannity
Announced he is positive later that night


If Trump bounces back quickly and doesn’t have any lingering effects, it might be a boost for his campaign?


Trumps ability to fight the virus will play a huge part in how the US & many other countries continue their countermeasures against COVID.


Id be suspicious of this.

Him appearing on tv Lazarus-like waving a miracle cure would certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons…dont think it did Boris Johnson any harm numbers-wise last year.


Biden Lead Over Trump Cut To 3 Points After Presidential Debate: IBD/TIPP Poll

Trump Narrows Gaps

The race has tightened somewhat since early September, when an IBD/TIPP poll of registered voters showed Biden with an eight-point edge, 49%-41%. An IBD/TIPP poll of likely voters released on Sept. 21 showed Biden with a 5.6-point lead, 49.5%-43.9%.


Anyone else think Trump looks good at this price


We’re all now counting the recovery days. If Trump bounces back in a jiffy, he can properly call it a hoax, brand himself the healthiest president ever and it may swing the election back in his favour.
If it banjaxes him, he’s the twit who dismissed it and didn’t take precautions.


Would you lay a bet? Its about 4/1.

‘Morkesh suspended’. Pricks.



A Romanian town recently elected a Mayor who died with/from COVID in the run up to the election.


I cant see how you would have got 4/1 odds. I cashed out on trump only 2 weeks ago as be is a busted flush. You couldn’t get more than 2/1.


Yeah more like 3/1

35% prob

But is it value at that price


31/20 is the best price atm


What odds would you get on someone other than Trump or Biden.
Two codgers in thier seventies. Both could succumb to the corona.
The chance is not zero


With these idiots in your corner, you do not have much of a chance

Trump heading to hospital.


Who knows if hes in real difficulty but given his advanced age, obese to morbidly obese and heart disease he is in for a rough time. I wouldn’t say he is 50/50 given the level of access to drugs and other treatments but he could easily follow the tragectory of a much younger Johnson.