2020 US Presidential Race


Maybe there is more than one ignorant oaf in the trump camp. I know, its a long shot


Yes a voluntary policy would seem to be more effective.


Except most didnt know she had pneumonia (if that was actually the case).

Most assumed that Trump was being Trump ( ie boorish, uncouth and lacking a degree of class) and was making fun of an imperialistic war criminal who thought nothing of launching illegal wars in which millions died, but couldnt walk 15 yards to her own car.


Time for a trip down memory lane to reacquaint ourselves with the moderates in the natural party of government. These well-mannered ladies radiate goodness.


It never occurs to the average American, Republican or Democrat, that Albright hates them just as much as she hates Iraqis


And particularly the late RBG


No HCQ i note.
He doesn’t sound like he has a bad dose of covid if he is going back to the WH tomorrow.


Disnt he say he was taking HCQ earlier this year?


Trump on steroids. Just what we need!

the most common adverse effects of short-term corticosteroid therapy are euphoria and hypomania.


So how will we know if he has been affected


The reaction here from “Fredo” is telling… (WARNING: CNN)

Video: https://twitter.com/BibleBeltDarlin/status/1313306826457395200


Paul Sperry @paulsperry_

BREAKING: House investigators have now joined the Senate in requesting the FBI open a criminal investigation into possible foreign influence-peddling & embezzlement involving Joe Biden and his younger brother and son based on suspicious financial activities flagged by US Treasury

5:56 PM · Oct 6, 2020

Src: https://twitter.com/paulsperry_/status/1313523644958638086


Might this be Trump admins attempt to force the other sides hand, to you know, run the switch-a-roo in a manner and form that was not the original plan, because Trump got the Covid’s before Biden had a chance. Well whatever is going on, kind of explain Michelle Obama’s attack yesterday calling Trump ultimately a “racist”, here is the link to the rather hilarious James Wood tweet, but it appears they’ve pulled the video he links:whistle: .

Oh, here is that video contained within another tweet from James Woods…


Big Mike claims that the BLM riots were mostly peaceful. Over $2 billion in property damage, countless small businesses destroyed and around 40 murders as a direct result of these “peaceful protests” Vile creature. :whistle:


Facebook’s blanket ban on all QAnon-related accounts is sure to convince the conspiracy nuts that nobody’s trying to persecute them. :icon_rolleyes:


Guardian reckons Biden has this in the bag, citing 10+ polling lead.

This springs to mind:

I for one could understand why voters avoid answering polls, and declaring for Trump: People are shunned, and even fired, for that. The left is making lists of supporters and is unhinged enough to take revenge on Trump’s voters.

Finally. Qanon is clearly a wind-up. It is chronically undermined now that Durham will not report until after the election.


Random Sample A

Biden/Harris hold campaign event in Arizona and the news station is shocked no supporters showed up

Video: https://twitter.com/InfidelAngela/status/1315359365893967874

Random Sample B

Happening now on Rodeo Dr in LA. My son took this video! We are going to take back California! We are going to win this election by a landslide! #MAGA #MAGA2020 #MAGA2020LandslideVictory

Video: https://twitter.com/bat211/status/1315318862053732352


The Trump train was a big metaphor during the 2016 presidential election run.

This time round, it’s literal boats or flotillas, held as a display of support for Trump 2020, many flotillas, maybe the most ever, well they do not appear to have not stopped and going on for a long time.

I have no idea when they started exactly, or how many there have been, but if you search you’ll find possibly hundreds of videos results - below are a few samples for illustrative purpose and one newsweek article:

May 3rd

Aug 15th

Oct 4th

More planned Oct 15th

Record Breaking too according to Newsweek:


Latinos For Trump Anti-Communist Caravan, Oct 11th


Filipinos For Trump, Oct 4th