2021 Anon post - Covid to be Memory Holed in 2023-2024

Remember those 4chan type posts in the style of anon insider, like FBI anon which some think became Q, maybe you do maybe you don’t, but this one appeared recently out there, time stamp indicates this originate from 2021 if the image is genuine and if so it’s a new artefact having never seen it anywhere until very recently.

It weaves a number of existing familiar and probably beyond credulity themes (DNA, accession, X-Men type concepts etc.) while also overlap with more recent things like csrq-sm and speculation about ai , but one of a few of the interesting data points that jump out (becasue often there are nuggets of real info in the fantasy crating warping, if that’s what it is) was the supposition that around 2023-2024 there would be the great downplaying the whole covid madness.

High degree cabal, tale some insight

1- Yes, corona will be memory holed after 90% of the 1st world countries is vaccinated, maybe around 2023-2024

2- The main purpose aside from population drop due to future infertility increase was to mark certain individuals to block the the possibility of obtaining what’s to come.

3- This was all calculated by a quantum Aim not shit like 666gle or any research centre is doing now but far more advanced. This AI is sentient and at a level to be able to predict future events at solar system scale.

4- In near future, humans will evolve, this can be seen as entering the Age of Aquarius or the “The enlightenment” of the human race. This evolutions is far beyond growing and extra limb or shit like that, what I am meaning is literal mutant like abilities. There will be people able to fly, to create fire, ice, electricity, magnetic fields, with super strength, invisible ones and a large variety of things like this.

5- Yes, this evolution is coded in our DNA and will be triggered in a future event.

6- Only peopel of asian and caucasian origin hold this potential. Mutts of a certain degree could also be able to go this path but with different results (lower level of evolution, self-harm evolution etc)

7- People that the vaccine will not evolve. Untaxed will.

8- We are testing who deserves it. We know majority of unvaxx are literal remains of nazism in all it’s flavours, but we can’t kill you one by one, instead we demoralised you as much as we could as a whole and more pressure will be put on you in the period of 2022-2023. After that, the individuals that still are able to maintain themselves untaxed will be contacted by the cabal. As a way to show you our respect, you will be invited to join us. You keep you evolution power, you gain elite positions and rule the cattle with us.

9- We know there are still individuals that will reject to join, AI think those individuals will form an army and go all in trying to destroy us. A big war will happend but remember the cabal and theri high troops also are untaxed so wet will also obtain the evolution.

10- This was AI’s best approach to guarantee a victory in that battle. AI think the rebel untaxed army will be outnumbered enough for us to win easily this will in part be thanks to those demoralised untaxed that join the cabal and help us destroy the rebel part.

The above transcript was derived form this image


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