2022 Summer of Sickness, Winter of Doom

Summer 2020, nope.
Summer 2021, not really (until august, then for some).
Summer of 2022…

As usual all on message, a few examples:

The cover for the needle delivered AIDS+

Ah ha, now it makes even more sense.

All the figureheads reported in the MSM as getting the covids = a positive reinforcement of the “summer of sickness” narrative, the cover for the covid mass casualty event - a normalisation play/trick.

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Trudeau just tested positive for a second time this week too.

Like when Donnelly pulled that stunt, was it toward end of 2020. :roll_eyes:

If you notice, he get’s the opening lines to start off each next act.

Then the chorus of Menace bought and paid for bobble heads pipe up and we’re into our next 2 week “mass formation”.

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Then after the Donnelly reads the opening lines > it moves to Rest of Regime to Ring the Bell > then on to the Media mania, as pours hot blinding liquid of lies into the public eyeball

Sometimes it’s Leo, it often seems to be Donnelly or Leo out of the gates first.

What with all these internationally infiltrated agent provectuers, it’s very easy to loose track.

Not quite summer related but no doubt aligning with the other pox afflicting this cohort…

PrEP is highly effective at preventing a person who is HIV negative from acquiring HIV through sexual intercourse

The likelihood of getting HIV from actual sexual intercourse is virtually zero; what he meant to say was activities which involve co-mingling your blood and faeces with strangers. On the higher numbers-are these new cases or newly arrived people?

Good question. I can clearly remember a news article in the Irish Times in the late 1990s warning that HIV/AIDS was on the increase - especially among women (mainly diagnosed in maternity hospitals.)

The piece went on to relay the usual messages about safe sex etc., but you had to read until the final paragraph to discover that something like 90% of the recent cases involved people who had arrived from sub-Saharan Africa.

From 2017:

42% of the group had previously been diagnosed abroad and they were transferring their care to Ireland.

I recall more recent reports showing that increases are now almost entirely attributable to Brazilians.

That is a a fake headline.

The latest case figure is 2742

1 Jun 2022 615
2 Jun 2022 843
3 Jun 2022 1054
4 Jun 2022 790
5 Jun 2022 135
6 Jun 2022 884
7 Jun 2022 475
8 Jun 2022 905
9 Jun 2022 758
10 Jun 2022 2106
11 Jun 2022 1497
12 Jun 2022 214
13 Jun 2022 888
14 Jun 2022 546
15 Jun 2022 2742

Science. You seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

1:48 in that video he asks why is he being asked these questions, that he’s leaving the public eye, and going back to his day job.

Yet at 20 seconds into this video, which I think is at the same meeting (but with a different person) he says “when I’m on the new advisory group”… can’t he keep his story straight for even one day?


3 members of my extended family have it. All first timers.

  • 1 fine, was working from home for the first 3 days they had it.
  • 1 mostly fine, just low energy now, was working from home for the first 3 days, but has now suddenly lost sense of taste.
  • 1 hit quite bad, seems it got ‘in their brain’, can’t stand loud noise, has other symptoms. Confined to bed
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Srly WTAF?

Who, who… WHO has been cajoled into getting #1 & #2 Death Shot in in 2022 peaking in April & May, or what sitting ducks did they miss/have now… and then we see cases but more importantly hospitalisation uptick and beginning the “Summer of Covid - Reunion Tour '22”, with guest appearances by supporting acts such as the “The Masks” and “The Transmissions”, huge crowds are expected.

Another killing sweep or a test?

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GMO Shot Status known?

All triple vaxxed

Try & get them to take the black seed oil, vit C (high dose & make them pee yellow!), zinc, vit D & Quercetin if you can.


My BiL (3 maybe 4 doses) got it a few weeks ago, with my sister (3) getting symptoms shortly after - she had it already after her booster in December so this is her second time :frowning:

She said she was worried about me, cos she met me (outdoors, haven’t been in their flat for 2 years) before she had symptoms. Cos I’m… you know… unvaxxed :scream:

General secretary of the INMO Phil Ni Sheaghdha said that additional measures are needed given the sharp rise in cases, particularly in hospitals.

“There are very real reasons why masks have been shown to slow down transmission and that is what we need now because our hospitals are overcrowded to a level that we normally don’t see in winter - and it’s June,” she told Virgin Media News.

Wrong about Masks.

Correct about overcrowding. :icon_eek:

:red_square: 2022 :green_square: 2021 :black_square_button: 2020

Omits Genocide by Injection.