2023 - If you're reading this for the first time

If you are reading this for the first time as an unregistered user, know this:

17 years of thepropertypin.com content is still available for human consumption, but you need to register an account from today onwards to view it.

Why is this happening man?

  • As a very brutal counter to the Large Language Model scraping by Google and other’s corps mega AI bot army (enabling things like ChatGPT)
  • The majority of traffic are “crawlers”
  • To also allow some reorganising of the vast historical content which was not straight forward.

As far as can be ascertain the AI is not registering user account! :popcorn:

The pin is a pre-ChatGPT resource like so many other great sites still hanging on the WWW.

Many users know the following to be true as lurkers or contributors:

:hamburger: Many souls saved from a decade or lifetime of debilitating negative equity fallout from the 2006 bubble bust (original purpose).

:fries: Before, during and after the 2020 plandemic the pin’s openess to ideas and information was invaluable once again with prescient instincts (mature benefits)

:cup_with_straw: Faster Than Science™️ - Both instances, among many, were achieved by having a space that stepped out of the controlled official and pretend-market informational realms when it matter most, that allowed a free form high value eclectic and critical thinking exist, of the highest value, priceless, before even the big names became the biggest

Might this content “lockdown” change and the pin be open to the www once more?

  • It might :slight_smile:

For now to view such popular topics such as https://thepropertypin.com/t/woman-jogging-attack-foiled-june-27th-chapelizod/91183 you need to register (anon) to view.

Will your internet ever be the same again?

Who knows (actually…) but you can be sure Change is the status quo

Registering an account:

If you need to continue reading the content register as follows:

  • Pick and use an anon name
  • Use a burner email (keep it away from your work / personal emails)

Note: Some content may still be inaccessible due to current round of general house keeping and a reorganizing of categories and topics, but all the content in theory is still available to registered users.

Old Timers

If you have a pre-existing account and you can still access it, good job, they are now goldust!

If you are such an old timer that you can not remember the password, try the reset passwords option (email is generally more reliable than in the past)

:point_right: The Pin is currently Ad-free. :gift:
:point_right: Twitter embeds continue to work as do other embeds, so you can see those info source without having to log into twitter 'cause it’s lockdown too isn’t it. :slight_smile:

Benefits of browsing as a registered user - When logged in you can keep track of your posts/drafts and last place in a topic, read/unread topics among many other aspects, that alone enhances the day to day and then you have the incredible search function it reignites ancient pinsters past wisdom and arcane chronicles.

:o: Registered but inactivated accounts are automatically removed within 10 days
:o: Inactive accounts are removed automatically after 30 days.

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Are some topics missing since the change?

Cannot find the RTE gravy train one…

Some are fixed now, more to fix

A lot done, more to do.


Issue detected with failed or delayed sending of activation emails, and possibly other system emails too, this is being worked on and hopefully will resolved soon enough.

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