21,000 on housing list 'will have to wait years'

What an ugly mess, the part V scam is passed on in the price of the houses in the rest of the development, the cash contributions go towards the running of the council and not towards social housing. The councils which are riddled with auctioneers and people with a vested interest in the property market then borrow money to buy out existing houses at top market rates in a stalled market. This funding/debt is organised by a company so it does not show up as part of the national debt.
There is no such thing as a free meal, and us the taxpayer end up paying for this in increased service charges.

tbh this is standard “starve the beast” Privateer tactics.

Don’t build any social housing for a decade, then release a trickle of stories about how those on the housing list will have to “wait many years”, then Hey Presto! Unveil the “radical and new” plan for the BTL Corpo, to much rejoicing from the people on the housing list, because here is a “solution” when just last week they thought they’d be waiting years! State sector once again “fails to deliver” (by design) and the situation has to be “rescued” by the Privateers!

More of the same transparently dishonest guff from the Kleptocracy.

And from reading the PIN, there I was thinking there was significant oversupply… :angry:

The British Sausage solution. There’s a budget coming up in a few weeks isn’t there?
You know what to do if you can’t sell your house, especially if you got a friend or relation on the council, make them an offer. :wink:

We mentioned this on another thread recently. Its quite conceivable that the current “temporary” situation whereby people on the housing list are housed in private rented accommodation while waiting for a home to become available, will be extended and expanded indefinitely. This will allow the State to indirectly subsidise some of those BTLers who would have difficulty re-renting their properties should their tenant’s number come up on the housing list. It could buy the politicos a bit of breathing space with their builder financiers, and if a few more stories like the above quoted appear, the tenants will be only too happy to be locked into a long term rental situation when the alternative was to have been a supposed 10 year wait. Irish solution to an Irish problem.