21 Ashdale Road, Terenure (-750k, -45%)

Was 1,650k
tribune.ie/article/2008/feb … ght-track/

Then 1,475k
treesdontgrowtothesky.com/report … 2008-12-01

Now 1,200k
dng.ie/search_detailed_resul … D=10061034

Now €900k (-€750k, -45%)

myhome.ie/residential/search … SDGR314447

€5233 per sq m (900000/172)
€486 per sq ft (900000/1850)

57 weeks on the market…

That’s a meaty drop.

I reckon 600K is the magic number here…

Please discuss price drops only in this thread.

€487 per square foot now.

Blows this one out of the water


300k cheaper, renovated (150k worth??) and bigger… it is missing the garage though but not sure a garage it worth an extra half mill

Absolutely, that one is €800 per sq foot (nearly double the price!!)

This house is now at 950k (Daft.ie)…still outrageously overpriced…this is worth about 525K


I dont know where you are getting your valuations from, but €525k for a period redbrick in Terenure, you would be doing well.

To be honest i hope you are right as i am looking at the moment. If i got that for €525k i would be pretty happy… 8DD

Yes, seems hard to believe doesnt it…but i woudl think this will sell for 525-600k…maybe 525 was a bit low ball
www.property.ie/property-for-sale/27-As … 6w/412012/ - 24k
But this is the classic run down red brick…with big price tag… on the next road there is a red brick for 675k
myhome.ie/residential/search … STWG385718
this is same type of house…but way cheaper!!..or how about this at 585k
myhome.ie/residential/search … EHYA396589
now see what im talking about???.. BD
this price tag of 950k…is over the top completley with these 2 houses both within 5 mins of it.
Patience grasshopper…patience… :nin

950k…he he he he…someones havin a laugh!! XX

I see you what you mean.

However the houses that you have shown me are all different in their own right.

One is a Semi-D, one a end of terrace and one a terrace.
Their square footage is also different.
This has to be factored into the equation too.
Also the state of repair.

I went to see the House on Ashfield park, and it is aweful.

myhome.ie/residential/search … STWG385718

Structurly good but in bad shape.
Also, i dont know if i would classify this as a semi-d as there is no side entrance (therefore end of terrace!!!)
It really needs to be gutted, and there was damp on some of the walls.
You would need a good €150k to do it up, so therefore you would need to be getting this for about €400 to get any value out of the house.

Saying that, these houses could be any of 3 areas.
Terenure/Harolds X/Kimmage.

Throughout the boom, Terenure seems to have grown into Kimmage and Harolds X (Estate Agents looking to up their prices by location).

Do people care about location anymore and do locations up price if they are thought to be a better area?

now this puts thing into perspective!!..asking price 1.35m…so selling price will be 1m at best…now put this against 950k or even 900k for houses in terenure!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

myhome.ie/residential/search … IRLD395590

Here is the thread for that house:


There is no consistency in the market at all. Its hard to know what anything is worth.

It is funny to hear the Estate Agents talk about the bottom of the market. I honestly dont think half of them have a clue. Most of them have not had to actually sell a house. They took offers, but that was it.

If they started to read the ESRI reports or even the newspapers, they will know that Ireland is in a bad place. Even if the world wide economy was not in a bad way, I think Ireland would still be in a recession.

Prices are falling every day and it doesnt look like it is going to stop anytime soon.

yes, i agree completley, but i think as the months move on…we will a BIG drop in prices overall…properties like these ones…21 ashdale, will put huge pressure on others to drop prices dramatically based on type of house.

reality is finally coming to the market and the smart people are dropping and getting out…FAST! :arrow_right:

I hope so.

Not many people have €900k in their back pocket these days.

I wouldnt like to be in the position of having to sell to buy.

If u look at many houses on the market that have gone sale agreed, which are now back on the market.

750K will buy this house tomorrow…guranteed