21 Carysfort Woods, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

A pleasant, but decidedly “non-trophy” house for 550K…? :unamused:

Despite the post code, it’s not actually near any useful amenities. Both Blackrock and Stillorgan villages are a considerable walk away.


This house should fetch a premium on account of it being in D4.

I’d therefore go as high as €210,000 for it.

Err… it isn’t in D4…

Close enough to the Stillorgan road if you need to leg it into town or UCD or up to the Sandyford Industrial Estate, or anywhere in Wickla’. But that walk down Carysfort Ave to Blackrock Village is a total pain in the you know what. Did it many a time when I was a chisler. Grand on the way down, but the uphill slog on the way back was awful.

my offer here would be 143,622 euro, 3 slabs of lead, a 1999 1.3l ford fiesta, 3 heavy pigs and 2 light pigs…no more no less…

Down to 510K now.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … th/1310261

Mid €300k is about right level for this house at the moment. Location is good; in spite of this comment…

…it’s only 10 mins walk to or from Blackrock village (if you’re aged between 10 and 80) with supermarkets (2) and DART, and less than 10 mins walk to bus for town (regular commuter services run through Stillorgan Park during rush hours) if you don’t like trains. Two primary schools within 5 mins walk each, lots of secondaries in the general neck of the woods … nice park right beside you … close to the coast … well the list could go on.

People are a lot fitter now that they can’t afford to splash out on fancy gyms but have to walk or bike it everywhere on account of petrol prices. :wink:

So with all that, mid 300s seems okay.

This place is up for rent too at the moment. On “no fixed lease period” as they reserve the right to sell it from under you.
(Probably a safe bet for a long rent at that sale price!)

The location is reasonably close to Blackrock. Though you’d probably want to drive to the shops.
It’s also in a very family friendly estate which is a plus for a lot of potential buyers.

A good chunk more to drop methinks.

2.2km to the DART. A ten minute walk at a brisk 13.2 kph.

now €455k

Just looking at that place now it really has no potential for extension.

You really are stuck with that 118.9 Sq. Metres for life. Even the roof is severely hipped.

Getting there, inch by inch. With the asking price down to mid-€400k they’re probably ready to take high €300k; not too far to go before they’ll sell this one - they might even haggle on a lowball offer at this stage, if they’re concerned about the sign still swinging in the wind come the autumn.

It’s just been let though, so maybe the vendors are in it for the long haul.

I can only assume you’re the estate agent…

It’s about 25 minutes walk from this house to the DART Station. I’ve walked the route many, many times.

Yeah, it actually is at least a 20 minute walk.

The phrase “X minute walk” never really applies to earth minutes in these circumstances.

Sale Agreed!

The problem with this is, realistically, you could still be looking at 150k neg. equity - on the other hand think of the stamp saving over the boom times. OK for the long term I guess.

I agree with you about the negative equity but if the buyer can afford it and it’s their home that’s pretty much irrelevant to them. I’m certainly ready to buy when the right house comes up and won’t give a second thought to negative equity when I have the home of my dreams at an affordable mortgage that allows me to continue to live my life of unbridled luxury and debauch.


God I love being right :smiley:

It does not have a post code. It is in County Dublin, not Dublin City.

Tbh assuming they got it for a max of €400k, and had a 20% deposit, I reckon they’ll be pretty covered from a NE POV as I can’t see a property like this dropping too much below €300k. Yes they might ‘lose’ their deposit but not substantial NE imo.