21 Marian Road, Rathfarnham (-630k, -53.6%)

Was 1.175m

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Now 1.050m


That’s a nice location, but the house is so very ugly. I would honestly be loath to pay €400k for it.

I know this area very well, and that house will never sell for over €1m in my opinon. You could get nicer, cheaper in this area I think. And for anyone that knows the area, Ann Devlin, Orchardstown, Ballymace, Butterfield Av, Washington Park etc. are all nicer than Marian.

Others don’t seem to agree with you Iguana. 2 other similar properties in Marian have recently gone sale agreed with asking prices around the 650k mark.



Myself and Mrs Marley were looking at a couple of 3 bed semi d properties in this general area and can report that there are people making cash offers close to the asking which stunned us a bit but there you go.

Regarding this one though I did nearly choke when I saw the excess 1m tag on it. Think they will be lucky to get 850 for it.

That is surprising. Curious, did an EA tell you this, or are these people you know? Annecdotally I’ve heard that cash buyers are still a very rare breed, whether in Rathfarnham or elsewhere. With regard to the prices - is it possible to tell whether the sale price really was that close to the asking price?

Not people that we know Jost, just EA coming back to us to see if we wanted to make counter offer. One property we looked at about 8 weeks ago was guiding 595k and had multiple bidders and a cash offer of 575 on it within a week of us looking at it. We were looking to put in offer around 500k to see where our bid went so we weren’t interested. It is now sale agreed a number of weeks.

Looked at another last week which had asking within a couple of days of us viewing (needless to say it was not us :smiley: ).

Appreciate that they are not sold which is the only word that matters but there is a bit of money still out there and some keen buyers who seem to think 20k under the asking is a good deal.

I don’t doubt there are certainly some people out there who are eager to buy at the moment, though whether there really is “value out there” (20k under, with cash!) in situations such as the one you’re describing is debatable :slight_smile:

Anyway best of luck with the search, hopefully you find something you like at a reasonable price.

Jacob (and others), 3 things on this:

  1. The prices you are mentioning from your personal experiences seem reasonable, so cash offers are not all that surprising. But the house in the OP is asking over €1m, so suggesting that “similar” places have been subject to cash offers is muddying the waters somewhat. Rather, your anecdotes simply highlight how ludicrously, ludicrously overpriced OP’s house really is.

  2. On the matter of those sober prices from your anecdote, I am little short of astonished that there are homes in this area going for under €600k. I know of a friend’s parents who sold a 3 bed in this area in Summer '06 for over €800k. Maybe a bit nicer than the ones in this thread, but still, I wouldn’t be surprised if we are c.20% down on that peak in this area.

  3. Anyone who knows this area knows it is one of the nicest in Rathfarnham. Now, if there are homes in this area going for €600k, can I ask in the name of sweet blessed Jehova how homes of simiar size and style (ie family homes) in neighbouring areas like Ballycullen, Knocklyon, Firhouse, Tallaght, Greenhills etc. are still asking in excess of this - which most are? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and there is not one single person in the city who would choose one of those areas before Marian. Nobody. I tell you, this market has absolutely miles and miles and miles of unravelling to do before these absurdities are ironed out of the system.

Ed: By way of example on point 3, here’s a 3 bed in Knocklyon reduced from €700k to €650k:


Marian or Knocklyon for the same price? That would be a no-brainer for every single person with 2 brain cells to rub together.

I don’t doubt you, there are still enough people who believe that now is the time to buy. I wouldn’t be willing to pay even €400k for one though.

I know the couple who bought one of the houses on Marian Road for 520k.

These people are living in the summer of 2 years ago. It’ll be 20 years before this place goes for over €1m IMO.

Must have heard you Chomp.

Now 995k

myhome.ie/residential/search … FXOD349621

Total drop now at 15%

I’m not appreciated enough round here mate.

Still more to come off this IMO. €700k in today’s market.

Only noticed this on the brochure today:

Vendor would consider taking other property as part exchange - ideally 3/4 bed property in need of upgrading

On the market again in 2015. Just dropped 595k → 545k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 14/3277758

Holy Guacamole Batman…this house was once asking €1.175m :open_mouth: :sick: XX

Yeah that’s bonkers isn’t it! Given its ugliness and relatively pokieness I’d think it’s 2015 asking is still a tad ambitious.

Love the 2008 posts though.